The major companies that provide grading services for baseball cards are Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), Beckett Grading Services (BGS), and Sportscard Guaranty Corporation (SGC). These companies have established reputations for expertise, consistency, and integrity in the industry.

To get a card(s) graded, you will need to package it properly to ensure it arrives safely and create an account on the grading company’s website. Most accept submissions by mail. When creating the account, be sure to provide accurate contact information as this is how the graded cards will be returned to you.

Next, you need to research the submission tiers and options being offered. Many grading companies have different levels of service – standard, economy, express, etc. that vary in turnaround times and costs. PSA offers various tiers from 48-hour express to 90-day standard. Choosing the right service depends on your budget and timeline needs.


The submission tiers generally require you to indicate the desired grade level, quantity of cards, and often have minimum value thresholds. Express services tend to have higher minimum values of $500-$1000. Read all submission guidelines carefully.

Your cards need to be packed securely inside submission slabs, toploaders or other approved holders. Use acrylic safety sheets between stacked cards to prevent scratches. Place the holders inside a shipping box with ample packing material like bubble wrap or air pillows to avoid damage during transit.

Clearly write your name, submission number and grade level on the outside of the box. Be sure to include a printed shipping label and any paperwork showing cost of service selected. I’d suggest registering valuable submissions for insurance as well.


Once received, the trained graders at the company will carefully examine each card under precise lighting and magnification based on established standards. Factors considered include centering, corners, edges and surface for any flaws or imperfections that could affect the final numeric grade.

After the grading process, the qualified staff will encapsulate qualifying cards in tamper-evident plastic holders that securely display the card and grade. This protects the card and allows potential buyers to clearly see its condition and authenticity.

Graded cards are then returned to you, typically within the stated turnaround window. With express services, some companies offer email notification when the cards ship back. Upon receipt, inspect the holders for any damage during return transit before considering reselling.

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Getting vintage or valuable baseball cards graded can significantly increase their collectible value and liquidity in the marketplace. The certification and numeric condition grade provide buyers confidence in the card’s authenticity and quality. Following the submission guidelines of the top authentication companies helps ensure your prized cards receive the respected evaluation they deserve. I hope this detailed overview provides helpful information on the baseball card grading process.

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