One of the best places to sell baseball cards in Dothan is Dave’s Sportscards. Located at 651 Reeves Street suite c, Dave’s Sportscards has been in business for over 30 years and is truly the top sports memorabilia and card shop in the entire Wiregrass region. They have a huge inventory of cards, memorabilia, supplies, and they are one of the few authentic brick and mortar shops left where you can get an accurate price quote and sell your cards to an experienced buyer.

The owners, Dave and his son Kyle, are extremely knowledgeable about the hobby and can evaluate even the most obscure or vintage cards quickly. They deal in all the major sports but have an especially deep knowledge of baseball cards. They pay some of the highest prices around for collectibles due to their large customer base and business relationships with collectors across the country. You can trust that you will get top dollar for your cards at Dave’s, as their reputation depends on fair and honest transactions.

When you go to sell your cards, be sure to have them organized by sport, player, year, and condition if possible to make the process quicker. Dave’s uses the Beckett price guide and websites like eBay sold listings to determine fair market value. For especially valuable rookie cards or vintage pieces, Dave’s may even be able to facilitate an online auction through their website and social media following. They can handle the entire transaction and mail the cards to the high bidder for you, taking a small commission but ensuring you maximize the final sale price.


In addition to cash payments, Dave’s also offers store credit that can be put towards new supplies, boxes, or any other inventory items. This is very convenient if you want to treat yourself to some new cards or gear for the collection after selling your duplicates or less valuable pieces. The large retail area gives you plenty to browse through as well. No matter the size of your collection or goal, Dave’s Sportscards truly is the premiere local destination for selling baseball cards in Dothan.

For a faster sale at a lower potential price, you could also consider taking your Dothan baseball cards to a local card and comic shop like TK’s Comic World. Located closer to downtown at 146 West Main Street, TK’s has a smaller inventory compared to Dave’s but they do buy collections on a regular basis. Here, you can expect to get paid a wholesale price on the spot in cash, with no waiting period. This is ideal for those just looking to liquidate cards quickly.


Because they move product so fast, their offers will generally be significantly less than what you could potentially receive at a specialty shop like Dave’s where cards are individually appraised. TK’s main business is in new and back issue comics, so their expertise lies more in that area than detailed sports card grading. Still, they provide a convenient cash option for Dothan residents looking to sell cards without a lot of hassle or for very common non-valuable pieces. Just don’t expect top dollar here like you would at a dedicated sportscard business.

For online selling of your Dothan baseball card collection, two of the best options are eBay and Facebook Marketplace. On eBay, you have access to collectors from around the world willing to bid on and purchase vintage or rare finds. Take high quality photos showcasing the front and back of each card and be sure to accurately describe any flaws or issues. You can usually charge a premium on eBay compared to a local sale due to the much larger customer pool. You will need to factor in shipping costs and eBay/PayPal fees which can eat into your profits.


Facebook Marketplace provides a free local alternative for selling cards in the Dothan area. Post clear photos with details about each card and the condition at a fixed “Buy It Now” price along with your general location. For local pickup only, you avoid shipping fees while still tapping into the collectibles market in your local Facebook groups and Marketplace visitors. Communication through Facebook’s Messenger also allows for a safer transaction compared to an in-person meetup with a stranger from an unknown site. For common cards, Facebook can be a quick sell whereas pricier items may do better on eBay.

Whether you have a small collection or thousands of cards to sell locally in Dothan, Alabama – your best bets are Dave’s Sportscards, TK’s Comic World cash option, or listing on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Dave’s will ensure top dollar but may take longer, while the latter two provide a fast sale at the risk of getting less than full value. Take the time to properly organize, photograph and research your cards to maximize their sale price no matter where you ultimately choose to sell.

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