Topps Heritage is one of the most popular baseball card sets produced each year by Topps. The 2022 Topps Heritage set celebrated the iconic designs of Topps baseball cards from the 1950s and 1960s. Cards featured player photography and designs that paid tribute to Topps’ early product lines from that era. While most cards from the 2022 Topps Heritage set hold relatively modest collector value, several stand out as being particularly valuable. Here are some of the key 2022 Topps Heritage baseball cards that have generated the most interest from collectors.

One of the most sought-after rookies from 2022 Topps Heritage is Bobby Witt Jr. As the number two overall pick in the 2019 MLB Draft by the Kansas City Royals, Witt had huge expectations coming into the 2022 season. He did not disappoint, playing stellar defense at third base and swatting 20 home runs in just 122 games in his rookie campaign. Witt’s prospect pedigree and immediate MLB success have vaulted his Topps Heritage rookie card to the top of most valuable from the set. PSA 10 Gem Mint examples have sold for over $350, while even low-grade copies in PSA 8 Still Mint condition have traded hands for $100 or more.


Another prized rookie is Spencer Strider of the Atlanta Braves. Strider exploded onto the scene in 2022, posting a 2.67 ERA with 202 strikeouts in just 131.2 innings pitched. His unexpected dominance out of the bullpen has made the Strider Topps Heritage rookie one of the hottest rookie cards in all of baseball. High-grade versions have sold for $300-400, showing that collectors recognize his potential impact for the Braves moving forward. As Strider asserts himself as a staff ace, his rookie card values figure to only continue ascending.

Veteran stars with pedigrees of sustained success likewise command a premium in 2022 Topps Heritage. For instance, cards of Mike Trout consistently rank among the set’s most valuable editions due to his multi-year reign as the game’s best all-around player. Near-Mint Trout copies in PSA 8 condition have traded hands for $75-100, while pristine PSA 10 examples can fetch $250-300. Similarly, rookie cards of established talents like Rafael Devers, Lucas Giolito, and Juan Soto that were issued in previous Heritage productions remain highly sought. Mint condition versions of their rookies often sell in the $50-100 range.


Legendary players depicting their achievements also stand out. Cards like a 1961 Topps design of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game or a 1959 style card chronicling Hank Aaron’s 715th home run hold immense nostalgia and command big bucks. Perfectly preserved versions of these iconic historical cards in PSA 10 grade have sold for $500-1000 depending on the player depicted and specific feat shown. Memorabilia style cards insert in 2022 Topps Heritage also hold value due to their scarcity. Multi-signed “Fantastic Four” memorabilia cards honoring the Braves quartet of Aaron, Koufax, Mays, and Clemente have sold for over $300 in top condition.

Beyond singles, several sets and high-number parallel cards from 2022 Topps Heritage may hold future appeal to dedicated vintage-style collectors. The basic 132-card base set can be put together for under $100 if diligent. Complete rainbow parallel sets including the tougher Black, Gold, Silver, and Hot Rod Red parallel subsets could someday be worth thousands. Speaking of, individual key parallel cards like a Hot Rod Red parallel Bobby Witt Jr. rookie have already fetched $150 in Mint condition.

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While most modern baseball cards carry relatively little value outside of the hands of dedicated collectors, 2022 Topps Heritage has proven to produce several gems. Rookies of burgeoning young stars like Bobby Witt Jr. and Spencer Strider top the list of most precious singles. Meanwhile, cards honoring veteran greats or historical moments command premiums due to the nostalgia and heritage designs from the 1950s and 1960s Topps brands. WithTopps Heritage maintaining popularity year after year, valuable cards from the 2022 set figure to retain and potentially increase in secondary market worth down the road. As always, obtaining high grades from professional grading companies like PSA tends to yield the strongest returns on vintage-style Heritage cards.

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