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The 2022 Topps MLB baseball card series featured some highly valuable rookie cards and cards of star players that have already started to garner strong interest from collectors. While it’s still early and card values can fluctuate over time, here are some of the most valuable 2022 Topps cards based on recent sales data:

Julio Rodriguez Base Rated Rookie Card – The rookie card of Mariners phenom Julio Rodriguez has been one of the hottest selling cards from the 2022 Topps series. Rodriguez had an incredible debut season that saw him named an All-Star and finish second in AL Rookie of the Year voting. His autograph and high-numberedParallel parallel cards have sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. His most desirable is considered his base rated rookie card, which has recently sold in the $150-$250 range in PSA 10 gem mint condition. As Rodriguez continues what looks to be a superstar career, this card’s value is expected to rise significantly.

Bobby Witt Jr. Base Rated Rookie Card – Like Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr. made a huge impact in his first MLB season with the Royals. Also an All-Star in 2022 and finishing third in AL ROY voting, Witt’s cards parallel Rodriguez’s in popularity. His base rated rookie card has sold for $100-$200 in PSA 10, though some believe Witt’s long-term upside is even higher than Rodriguez so this card could eventually be the most valuable from the 2022 Topps set.

Spencer Strider Refractor Chrome Rated Rookie Card – Breakout Braves pitcher Spencer Strider burst onto the scene in 2022 and looks like a future ace. While he has fewer base cards due to his surprise rise, his refractor chrome rated rookie from Topps Chrome stands out. These rare parallel cards have already sold ungraded for $400+ due to Strider’s incredible 2.67 ERA across 31 starts in 2022 and bright future.

Seiya Suzuki Base Rated Rookie Card – One of the biggest Japanese position player imports, Cubs outfielder Seiya Suzuki had a solid first MLB season after coming over from NPB. His base rated rookie card has sold for $50-150 in PSA 10, but some believe Suzuki could develop into a perennial All-Star, which would make this one of the premier rookie cards in the entire set long-term.

Ronald Acuna Jr. Autograph Card – After missing almost all of 2022 due to injury, Ronald Acuna Jr. remains one of baseball’s brightest young stars when healthy for the Braves. His autograph cards from 2022 Topps update sell for over $1,000 each in PSA 10, showing that interest remains high in Acuna achieving superstardom. Numbered parallels and on-card autographs are even more expensive.

Shohei Ohtani Base Card – The two-way Japanese phenom just finished probably his best season yet and is the runaway favorite for AL MVP. Not surprisingly, demand for Ohtani cards is as strong as ever. While his rookie cards from previous years sell for thousands, his 2022 Topps base card still fetches $50-100 each in mint condition as collectors clamor for any fresh Ohtani cardboard.

These are just a few of the 2022 Topps cards that have already shown promise as long-term gems, valuable investments or just high-demand collectibles. As stars like Rodriguez, Witt Jr., Strider and others potentially cement all-time great careers, while perennials like Acuna and Ohtani continue producing, the values of their 2022 Topps cards figures to appreciate over the coming decades as these players’ legends grow. The 2022 Topps MLB set looks poised to produce numerous seven-figure cards down the road, solidifying its place among the most valuable modern issues. With the sport’s young talent and mega-stars, 2022 Topps has cards that could end up making their collectors very wealthy in the long run.


Topps is one of the largest and most prominent trading card companies in the world, known especially for their annual baseball card releases. Their 2022 baseball card products just came out in late winter/early spring of this year. There are many reliable ways to purchase these new Topps baseball cards.

One of the best options is to buy directly from Topps.com. On their website, Topps has full box breaks, blaster boxes, value packs, and hobby boxes available of all their major 2022 baseball sets like Series 1, Series 2, Series Update, Archives, Heritage, etc. Purchasing from Topps ensures authenticity and provides perks like membership rewards. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50. Topps release schedules can sometimes sell out quick online though, so it’s good to check stock levels.

Another excellent choice is purchasing from hobby shops and local card stores. Many brick-and-mortar retailers will carry full stock of Topps baseball at release. This allows seeing the product first-hand before buying. Hobby shops tend to have more availability than online since they don’t face the same limitations of warehouse space. Many offer reward programs as well for regular customers. Just be aware inventory can vary by location. Chains like Dave & Adam’s Card World, LCS Cards & Collectibles, and Heroes Hideout usually carry Topps releases nationwide.

For reliable online retailers, sites like Steel City Collectibles, Blowout Cards, DA Card World, and Sportlots are excellent marketplaces to find 2022 Topps baseball cards. Each has thousands of individual packs, boxes, and collection listings available from many trusted sellers rated by previous customers. Shipping is fast and prices are often competitive versus buying direct. Just double-check seller history/guarantees on any high-dollar listings if buying sealed boxes. Many also offer discounts for purchases over a certain dollar amount.

National sport card conventions provide the ultimate in-person opportunity to search for 2022 Topps cards. Events like the National Sports Collectors Convention and cards shows hosted by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association draw hundreds of professional dealers under one roof, with an unbelievable selection. Conventions run the risk of higher prices but allow physically browsing merchandise in far greater depth than online. Multi-day admission also provides multiple chances to find deals. Just be aware conventions usually occur only a few times a year in major cities.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay and Facebook groups can also connect buyers with individuals selling extras from their personal 2022 Topps baseball collections. This allows acquiring specific chase cards not readily available elsewhere. Just use prudence given lack of formal seller protection. Check reviews of less-known sellers. Stick with reputable, high-volume power sellers when possible for lower risk. Communicate with sellers beforehand about grading quality of sought items. With diligence these secondary seller channels provide unique acquisition opportunities for Topps releases across all product levels from retail to high-end.

For maximum selection and convenience Topps.com and large national hobby sites offer very reliable online options to purchase 2022 Topps baseball cards across their entire brand lineup. But local hobby shops remain excellent regional brick-and-mortar choices where stock won’t disappear as quickly. National conventions offer a unique in-person shopping experience to deeply explore the year’s releases. Just use wisdom in assessing individual sellers from person-to-person third party sites given less structural protection in those cases compared to established companies. With care taken in seller choice, 2022 Topps baseball collecting goals can be achieved through many proven means.


The 2022 Topps Prizm baseball card set has generated significant hype and excitement in the hobby leading up to its release. There are a few key factors that point to this set potentially containing some valuable rookie cards and short print parallel cards that could hold long term value:

Topps Prizm has become one of the premier modern baseball card brands since its inception in 2018. Each year, Prizm features shiny refractors, neon parallels, and photo variations that give the cards a very flashy and aesthetically pleasing look. From an artistic and design standpoint, Prizm cards are considered some of the best looking cards on the modern market. This appeal to collectors helps drive strong demand.

In addition to the flashy design, Prizm also garners hype due to its association with the NBA Prizm brand. NBA Prizm cards have seen meteoric rises in value over the past decade, with some 1 of 1 parallel cards selling for millions of dollars. While baseball cards will never reach NBA levels, the “Prizm” name alone creates buzz and excitement that few other modern brands can match. Even casual collectors and investors want to own cards with the popular Prizm brand name.

Perhaps most importantly for the prospects of high value cards, the 2022 Prizm set features rookie cards of some of the most prized prospects in recent baseball memory. Shortstops like Jackson Holliday, Druw Jones, and Termarr Johnson were all top 5 overall picks in the 2022 MLB Draft and are considered “can’t-miss” future stars. Other top prospects like Elijah Green, Brock Porter, and Dylan Lesko also have their rookie cards in this set. If even one of these blue-chip prospects develops into a superstar, their Prizm rookie cards could skyrocket in value like past stars like Ronald Acuna Jr, Fernando Tatis Jr, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

In addition to the headliner rookies, every set usually has a few breakout performers that rise up prospect rankings throughout their debut season. Players like Spencer Strider, Michael Harris, and Adley Rutschman all had successful rookie campaigns in 2022 after being relatively under-the-radar prospects prior. Their rookie cards significantly increased in value. The 2022 Prizm set gives collectors exposure to a whole class of prospects that could yield the next hidden gems.

Looking at sales data from past years helps provide an idea of what types of 2022 Prizm cards might gain serious value over the long run. Top rookie refractors and parallels of graduated superstars consistently sell in the thousands of dollars even years after the player debuted. For example, an Acuna Jr. /10 orange refractor pulled a $3,100 price tag earlier this year. Colorful parallels and serial numbered versions of impact rookies like Wander Franco and Bobby Witt Jr. also command 4 figure prices. It’s reasonable to think that if a couple players from the 2022 class achieve stardom, their rare Prizm rookies could fetch similar prices years down the line.

Short print parallel cards that are aggressively inserted also present opportunity. Ultra rare refractor, disco, and rainbow foil parallels number in the single digits and low double digits. While these cards may only be valued in the hundreds today, long term holding of a truly unique parallel like a /5 or /10 card of a future Hall of Famer could yield phenomenal returns. The scarcity adds tremendous long term potential.

While there is obviously risk that the hyped rookies may fail to pan out, history shows that even busts usually have cards retain $10-50 value due to the branding prestige of Prizm. And with literally dozens of top prospects in any given class, simple math says there will almost definitely be at least a few breakout stars whosePrizm rookies smash preconceptions.The combination of the flashy Prizm design, talent pool, and proven track record of increasing values each year indicates the 2022 Topps Prizm baseball set has all the ingredients to produce future high value gems for savvy collectors. Rated prospect lists and minor league stats may change, but owning coveted rookie cards of a diverse selection of top names in this set creates as good a chance as any for potentially uncovering valuable future key pieces to a collection.

While investment carries risk and past performance does not guarantee future results, the trend of Prizm and key prospects increasing in value gives collectorsconfidence that with proper long term storage and holding, the 2022 Topps Prizm baseball release has strong chances to yield cards that could appreciate significantly over the next 5-10+ years. Collectors would be wise to pick their spots on favored prospects, popular parallels, and look for financially responsible deals on desired cards to keep and hold in hope that patience yields profit down the road as these young standout talents develop at the MLB level.


There are many exciting baseball card options to consider collecting in 2022. The vintage rookie cards of players who are establishing themselves as stars are always in high demand. Some of the top rookies from recent years who have cards worth pursuing include Juan Soto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., and Ronald Acuña Jr. Their rookie cards hold tremendous value and will likely continue increasing in the coming years if they live up to their potential.

Soto’s 2018 Topps Chrome RC and Tatis Jr.’s 2019 Topps Series 1 RC are alreadyfetching thousands of dollars in mint condition as they are establishing themselves as two of the faces of baseball. Guerrero Jr.’s 2019 Topps Series 1 RC and Acuña Jr.’s 2018 Topps Series 1 RC should also be on collectors’ radars. While these 2019-2021 rookie cards may be pricey, they are solid investments in the long run for players with superstar upside still ahead of them in their careers.

Vintage cards of current stars still in their primes are also wise targets, like Mike Trout’s 2009 Bowman Chrome RC, which has mint PSA 10 copies going for over $10,000. Trout remains the best player in baseball and should continue producing at an elite level through at least the rest of the decade. Other coveted modern star cards include cards from Mookie Betts’ 2014 Bowman Chrome rookie year, cards from Shohei Ohtani’s 2018 Topps Series 1 rookie set in his true MLB debut year with the Angels, and cards from 2019 rookies like Pete Alonso, who smashed an MLB rookie home run record in his debut season.

While veteran stars carry greater risk if they start declining, guys like Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Aaron Judge, and Yordan Alvarez are still young enough that flagship RCs of them are worthwhile long-term collectors’ items. For example, Harper’s 2010 Bowman Chrome Superfractor RC in a PSA 10 grade recently sold for over $350,000, showing the incredible return potential of top cards of active superstars. Harper is signed long-term with the Phillies and still producing at a superstar level in his late 20s.

Speaking of rookies to watch this season, the highest profile prospects expected to debut in 2022 include Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr., Spencer Torkelson, CJ Abrams, Marcelo Mayer and Jack Leiter. Their flagship Topps RCs are sure to attract significant attention and demand from collectors. While risky as prospects sometimes don’t pan out, superstar potentials like Rodriguez, Witt and Torkelson in particular have cards that could appreciate tremendously if they reach their ceilings. Even cards from prospects that don’t stick as regulars can retain value as rare modern rookie issues.

For investors focused more on short-term gains, the top-selling rookie cards of call-ups from 2021 who exceeded expectations may cool off after their introductory seasons but could still hold value for a few years, like Jonathan India, Jeremy Peña, Bobby Dalbec, Shane Baz and Patrick Sandoval. In particular, India had such a strong debut that his 2021 Topps Series 1 RC remained one of the most coveted rookie cards throughout the year. His cards appear poised to hold value in 2022 barring major sophomore struggles.

Along with rookies and young stars, certain parallels and refractors of big name veterans have potential to command high prices years down the line. The most popular include Rainbow Foil parallels, which utilize different colors on the foil backdrop for each card in the parallel subset. Ultra-premium parallels like gold sparkle, gold wave, or 1/1 black parallels could hold long-term blue chip status as the rarest modern issues of legends like Albert Pujols, Clayton Kershaw or Justin Verlander.

Similarly, highly-refracted parallels like Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, and Topps Finest are sought after across a player’s career due to their flashy look on-card. Refractors of stars who’ve retired but hold Hall of Fame status could appreciate sharply in the years following their retirement, as recent examples have shown with Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Chipper Jones cards.

When it comes to full sets, the most coveted in 2022 will likely be the Topps Flagship products like Topps Series 1 & 2, which feature the biggest stars, rookies and parallels in the base set. High-end products like Bowman, Topps Chrome and Allen & Ginter that provide the best rookie cards, autographs and patch options across multiple sports also have collector interest growing year after year. For low-risk/high-upside modern sets, heritage releases like Topps Heritage and Archives reproduce the vintage look on new cards and checklists and bring strong long-term demand.

On the vintage front, high-grade and iconic cards from the pre-war Tobaccos, early Bowmans, 1933 Goudeys, 1953/68 Topps sets, and vintage rookie cards remain blue-chip collectors’ items. Mantle, Mays, Clemente, Robinson and other legends have key vintage cards in these sets worth pursuing across varying price points. But beware of forgeries and condition issues from handling cards several decades old. Authenticated vintage rookie cards from Honus Wagner to Ted Williams can sell for hundreds of thousands depending on condition.

I hope this detailed overview has provided insight into some of the top baseball card options collectors may wish to pursue in 2022 across multiple categories from rookies to stars, modern inserts to vintage relics. The ever-growing collector market has made baseball cards a smart long-term investment for patience speculators, but it also remains an affordable hobby to enjoy through building sets or focusing collections. Proper storage and researching values online together with the wise chasing of the best young talents ensures collectors have accessible targets that stand to rise significantly with the players’ future successes.


Rookie cards for star players tend to be the most valuable baseball cards. This includes rookie cards for players like Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Mookie Betts, and Ronald Acuña Jr. These players were big prospects coming up through the minor leagues and their rookie cards were highly sought after. Now that they have lived up to the hype by becoming superstars in MLB, their rookie cards command top dollar from collectors. For example, a mint condition Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft RC PSA 10 can sell for over $10,000.

Iconic veteran players from previous eras that still hold value include cards featuring Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Cal Ripken Jr, Mickey Mantle, and Derek Jeter. Legendary talent coupled with strong branding and name recognition continue to make cards from the primes of these all-time greats very collectible. A great example would be a near mint 1988 Fleer Update Ken Griffey Jr. RC PSA 8, which has sold for over $4,000.

Vintage cards from the early 20th century pre-WWII era can fetch enormous prices due to their antiquity and scarcity. High-grade Honus Wagner T206 cards in a PSA 1 or 2 condition have sold at auction for over $3 million. Other coveted vintage cards include 1909-11 T206 cards of Ty Cobb, Nap Lajoie, and Christy Mathewson. Simply put, the older the card the more history and mystique it carries which amps up collector demand.

Pop culture crossover cards tend to capture extra attention from collectors beyond just baseball enthusiasts. Examples here include the 1975 Rodriguez Clemente PE PSA 9 which sold for $28,000 due to Roberto Clemente’s tragic death in a plane crash. Another is the 1998 Derek Jeter Finest Refractor RC PSA 10 that has reached $40,000 in sales since Jeter became a New York icon and role model.

Error cards and one-of-a-kind prototypes that were never intended for mass production hold significant niche value. These butterfingers mistakes and experimental oddities intrigue die-hard collectors for their sheer rarity and uniqueness. One example is a 2019 Topps Big League Baseball 3D Andy Pettitte error card which went for over $5,000 on the secondary market.

Parallel and short-print inserts of current MLB stars can potentially gain value as well depending on the player’s career trajectory and the specific parallel. Of particular note now are cards like the 2021 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor RC of Wander Franco PSA 10 selling around $3,000 or the 2020 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor RC of Julio Rodriguez PSA 10 at $1,500.

Team sets, special anniversary sets featuring cover athletes, and flagship rookie cards all carry baseline value. A complete 2009 Topps Chrome Baseball Team Set recently sold for $600 while a 1998 SP Authentic Ken Griffey Jr. Cover Athlete RC PSA 9 traded hands for $400. Though not mammoth prices, such cards hold steady collectible value year over year for dedicated team and player collectors.

While there is no single guarantee of future value, the top money baseball cards are usually those featuring legendary vintage players, modern superstar rookies, one-of-a-kind errors, high-grade specimen condition cards across different eras, and special parallel inserts of currently ascending young prospects. With the ever-growing MLB card collecting marketplace, savvy investors can capitalize if they buy undervalued cards with sound long-term fundamentals. But overall, the biggest determinant of price will remain attaching to those rare exemplars that spark intense bidding showdowns between obsessed collectors.


The 2022 Bowman baseball card set featured many highly regarded prospects and established stars that have already produced some hugely valuable rookie cards. While it’s still very early and players’ careers and statuses can change rapidly, here are some of the most valuable 2022 Bowman cards based on recent sales data:

Julio Rodriguez – The Seattle Mariners center fielder had a phenomenal rookie season that has turned his Bowman Draft Chrome Refractor Parallel (#BCP-JR) into one of the top rookie cards on the modern sports card market. Fresh off being named American League Rookie of the Year, raw copies of this card have sold for over $800. Graded PSA 10 versions have reached astronomical prices upwards of $10,000 as Rodriguez has emerged as a true superstar talent. All of Rodriguez’s parallels from 2022 Bowman are extremely valuable as he is seen as one of the faces of the future of MLB.

Adley Rutschman – As the top prospect in baseball heading into 2022 and then an impressive MLB debut for the Baltimore Orioles, Rutschman’s Bowman Chromaflair Atomic Refractor Parallel (#15) commands big money. Still graded copies have sold for $1,500-2,000 in a PSA 10 while raw unfractured examples have changed hands for $400-600. Scouts rave about Rutschman’s all-around skills and he’s viewed as a cornerstone piece for the Orioles’ rebuild, keeping his cards in high demand.

Bobby Witt Jr. – After an outstanding rookie year filled with highlight reel plays at shortstop for the Kansas City Royals, Witt Jr.’s cards from his draft year of 2019 in Bowman have really taken off. His Chrome Autograph Parallel (#98) and Chrome Refractor Parallel regularly sell for $300-400 raw with PSA 10 copies reaching the $1,000-1,500 range. Considered a future batting champion and seen as the future face of the Royals franchise alongside Salvador Perez, Witt Jr.’s cards hold tremendous value.

Rookie Cards of Established Stars – While the cards of Rodriguez, Rutschman and Witt Jr. top the Charts given their superstar potential, the rookie cards of proven names from their MLB debut seasons in Bowman are also highly valuable. For example, the Chrome Refractor Parallel of Ronald Acuña Jr. from 2018 often fetches $500-700 raw with a PSA 10 bringing $3,000. The same parallel of Juan Soto from 2017 regularly sells for $300-400 raw or $1,000 PSA 10. Finding the prized rookie cards of superstars like Mike Trout, Mookie Betts and Fernando Tatis Jr. from their initial Bowman sets can yield five-figure returns if graded gems.

Top Prospect Autograph Cards – While the biggest rarities, high-end autograph cards of elite prospects in 2022 Bowman hold blockbuster value. Examples include a Julio Rodriguez Autographed Platinum Refractor Parallel (#70) which realized nearly $10,000 at auction. Admirals Club Authentic Autographs of players like Jackson Jobe, Druw Jones and Elijah Green can reach comparable prices raw to the most prominent rookies’ top parallels. The scarcity and prospect pedigree combined with chances of future stardom makes these autos hugely coveted by collectors.

There are certainly other valuable 2022 Bowman cards beyond this shortlist such as Emerson Hancock, Brooks Lee, Nick Gonzales and more that could rise up lists in future years. As the hobby’s focus remains fixated on the present and future of the game, prospects with superstar upside like Rodriguez, Rutschman and Witt Jr. combined with proven talents’ early cards will likely maintain strong valuations at the high-end of the market for years to come unless injury or performance derail their careers. Overall, 2022 Bowman introduced several young players who have the potential to be generational talents and their dazzling rookie cards reflect their immense promise with astronomical current prices.


The 2022 Topps baseball card set featured several young superstars and veteran legends that have produced some of the most coveted and valuable rookie cards and parallels on the modern trading card market. While prices can fluctuate daily based on recent performance and popularity, here are some of the top cards that have commanded the highest prices to date:

The undisputed number one card is the prized autograph rookie card of Los Angeles Angels superstar Shohei Ohtani. As one of the most unique two-way talents in baseball history as both an elite pitcher and hitter, Ohtani’s autographed rookie from the 2022 Topps Series 1 release is highly sought after by collectors. Premium autographed versions with a 10 franchise grade have sold for over $10,000, while PSA/BGS gem mint 10 examples without an auto have still brought prices of $3,000-5,000 due to his unprecedented dual talents and status as the current AL MVP.

Another exciting rookie at the top is Kansas City Royals catcher MJ Melendez. While he didn’t make his MLB debut until later in 2022, Melendez had a breakout season that showcase his power potential. Low numbered parallels and on-card autographs of his 2022 Topps Series 1 rookie have sold for $800-1,500, with PSA/BGS 10 examples reaching $400-600 due to hype around his future all-star upside.

Veteran superstars still carry high values as well. A prized pull is any 1/1 parallel of superstar Fernando Tatis Jr, which have sold for $1,500-3,000 despite his injury issues in 2022. The complete rainbow foil parallel set of his flagship rookie from Topps Series 1 has also topped $1000 due to his excitement as one of baseball’s biggest stars. For seasoned veterans, any Mike Trout inclusion like a 1/1 parallel or printing plate can reach $1,000-2,000 due to his decade of dominance and iconic status in the hobby.

Rookies of highly touted prospects like Gunnar Henderson of the Baltimore Orioles and Druw Jones of the Atlanta Braves also command $300-600 for raw PSA 10 copies or $500-1,000 for autographed versions due to excitement over their elite tools and prospect pedigree coming into their first MLB seasons in 2023. Henderson in particular saw a bump after a stellar September cup of coffee.

Another factor that influences value is short prints, which complete high-end rainbow parallel sets. Rare SP variants of the flagship Ohtani, Tatis Jr or Trout rookies in PSA 10 can reach $750-1,500 each due to their elusive pops. In 2022, the most valuable short prints centered around rookies like catcher Adrian Del Castillo ($400-800 PSA 10), outfielder Chase Davis ($300-600 PSA 10) and pitcher Ryan Cusick ($250-500 PSA 10).

Overall production numbers also play a role – the lowest printed parallels command top dollar. Some examples include the prized Ohtani printing plate autographs (>$5,000 PSA 10), Tatis Jr Gold /2021 parallel (#’d to 2021 copies, $800-1500 PSA 10), or Trout refractor parallel (#’d to less than 10 copies, $1,000+ PSA 10). Numbered parallels like Silver Packs (#’d to 69 copies)fetch $300-600 in top grades of stars like Trout, Tatis Jr.

In terms of team sets, complete Rainbow Foil Variation set that features all 30 teams in PSA 10 can reach $1500-2500 due to rarity, while single cards of the popular Dodgers, Yankees or Mets in PSA 10 routinely sell for $150-300 due to larger fanbases.

While the volatile trading card market will see fluctuations, the rookie cards of generational talents like Ohtani and promising young prospects, as well as parallels and autographs of proven stars like Trout, Tatis Jr. and Soto will likely remain among the most coveted and valuable 2022 Topps baseball cards for years to come due to their on-field production and mystique in the hobby. Condition and serial numbers also play a key role in the long-term preservation of value.


One of the most popular and reliable places to buy new baseball cards is through dedicated card shops and hobby stores. These brick and mortar locations are run by collectors and experts who know the card industry well. They get direct shipments of newly released card products so you can find the latest 2022 sets, boxes, and packs on or near their release dates. Browsing the store is also a fun experience for discovering new items. Many card shops also sell graded singles and hold events like group breaks that are a social way to build a collection. Two recommended national chains are Comic Book Guys and Dave & Adam’s Card World, with multiple store locations across the U.S.

Online retail giant Walmart also carries baseball cards, both in their physical stores and on their website at Walmart.com. While their selection may not be as extensive as a dedicated card shop, it’s very convenient for finding some of the most popular and accessible options from 2022 releases. Some pros of shopping at Walmart include their everyday low prices and the ability to have cards shipped directly to your home. The sports card assortment online can sell out quickly for hot new products.

For the largest variety and the ability to find almost any specific card or product you want, checking online marketplaces is highly recommended. Two that are particularly good for 2022 baseball cards are Amazon Marketplace and eBay. On Amazon, you’ll find cards and boxes sold directly by Amazon alongside offerings from hundreds of other sellers. With eBay, browsing recently sold listings is useful for gauging current market values of individual cards as well as monitoring active auctions. When using these sites, be sure to thoroughly check seller ratings to avoid any potential scams or unsatisfactory transactions.

Subscribing to a monthly membership with a trading card distributor is another great option that offers convenience with automatic shipments. Some of the biggest names in this space include Blowout Cards, Steel City Collectibles, and DA Card World. Memberships often cost around $20-30 per month and provide exclusive early access to the newest releases as well as store credit and perks. This is ideal for dedicated collectors who want a steady flow of fresh cards coming to their doorstep throughout the 2022 season and beyond.

For collectors on a strict budget or just casually building a set, discount retail chains Dollar General and Dollar Tree do carry loose baseball card products but pickings may be slim. Target also stocks a limited selection of very accessible price-point packs and boxes in their trading card aisles. Another low-cost choice is buying 2022 items in discounted lots or bundles from online resellers after the initial hype has died down later in the year or into 2023.

Whether shopping online or locally, connecting with your community of fellow sports card traders can also turn up leads on where to source the latest cardboard releases. Swap meets are an especially great way to possibly get your hands on out-of-print treasures or complete your 2022 set wants through trading. Team forums on sites like Sports Card Forum are useful for posting ISO (“In Search Of”) requests and staying informed about regional shows, releases, and potential deals.

From large retail chains to your local hobby store, online marketplaces like eBay, dedicated card subscription services, and your own network of enthusiastic collectors – exploring these many reliable avenues will help any baseball fan steadily build their 2022 collection with confidence. Careful shopping, comparing prices, and checking reviews will optimize finding the cards you want while supporting the thriving sports memorabilia industry. Happy hunting!


The 2022 Topps baseball card release saw the company continue their run as the leading producer and distributor of modern baseball cards. As with any new card release, there is uncertainty surrounding the long-term value and collectability of the 2022 Topps cards. After reviewing recent sales data and considering factors like production numbers, rookie cards, and parallels, there are a few things that indicate the 2022 Topps cards do have monetary value now and upside potential in the future.

To start, 2022 was another year with print runs on the lower side compared to Topps releases from prior decades. While still readily available in stores and online, the overall production numbers were smaller than years past. Lower print runs typically correlate to stronger long-term value, as scarcity is an important driver of appreciation over time.

Also positive for the 2022 cards is that it features some highly coveted rookies that could end up being big stars long-term. Cards of rookies like Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr., Spencer Torkelson, and others are in high demand and selling well now. If any pan out as expected, their rookie cards from this set could gain substantial worth down the road. Hall of Fame players always increase interest in their early career cards retroactively.

Within the set, parallel and short-printed “hits” also hold value due to their relative scarcity compared to the base cards. Rarer parallels like red, green, and blue refractors that number less than the standard issue cards are selling for multiples of the common parallel’s price. Popular veterans with desirable low-numbered parallel versions are trending especially well currently.

Focusing more on current sales, base rookies and stars are commanding prices upwards of $10-20 per card depending on the player. Top rookie cards have sold for $50-100+ and superstar cards have reached $25-50. While these may seem modest compared to iconic vintage cards, for a modern release it shows there is measurable worth assigned by the market already. With time, appreciation is anticipated as fewer remain available through circulation.

Demand for the 2022 Topps cards has also held up well since release. This is a sign of strong, continuing collector interest that bodes well for maintaining and building value long-term. Other modern sets have seen prices steadily decline post-hype, but 2022 Topps cards are largely stable or rising still. Sustained buyer enthusiasm promotes future collectability.

When considering all the factors – smaller print runs, star rookies, parallel scarcity, decent initial prices, and maintained demand – the signs point to the 2022 Topps baseball cards possessing genuine monetary value in today’s market. While any single card may appreciate slowly, complete sets also command a premium that is liable to increase over a decade or more. Savvy collectors snatching up stars and hits could realize solid returns if they have the patience to hold for 5-10+ years down the road. So while it remains to be seen exactly how the 2022 cards perform in the vintage card market of the future, all evidence so far suggests they hold inherent worth and upside potential.

Despite the massive production volumes of modern sports cards overall, the 2022 Topps release was modestly printed by today’s standards. It features some potential future Hall of Famers in their rookie seasons and parallels that add scarcity value. Initial secondary market activity is robust. All arrows point to this set deserving classification as a monetary baseball card asset, both presently and with maturation over time. While patience will be required, 2022 Topps cards seem well positioned as a collection to gain in collecting and resale value going forward.


Top Rookie Cards:

Julio Rodriguez, OF, Seattle Mariners – Rodriguez had a breakout rookie season in 2022 and looks like a future star. His rookie cards are hot and will likely continue rising in value as he develops his career. The 2021 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor parallel is one of his most desired rookies.

Bobby Witt Jr., SS, Kansas City Royals – The number 2 pick in the 2019 draft, Witt showed why the hype was real in his inaugural season. He possesses five-tool talents and could be a perennial All-Star. His 2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Refractor is highly coveted.

Adley Rutschman, C, Baltimore Orioles – As the number 1 pick in 2019, Rutschman took some time to develop but had a solid debut campaign and looks like a cornerstone catcher. He’s still very affordable and packs like 2021 Bowman Draft hold plenty of long term upside.

Established Stars Poised for Growth:

Juan Soto, OF, Washington Nationals – Soto just turned 24 and is already one of the best hitters in baseball. He remains somewhat under the radar in the hobby compared to premier stars but that will change as he gains mainstream appeal. His Topps Chrome rookies from 2018 are a steal for the talent level.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B/1B, Toronto Blue Jays – At just 23, Guerrero is living up to the hype as one of the game’s most feared sluggers. His 2018 Bowman Chrome cards are still attractively priced for such a young powerhouse. As he continues cementing his stardom, these will rise significantly.

Ronald Acuña Jr., OF, Atlanta Braves – Only 25, Acuña is a five-tool star when healthy. His knee injury slowed his momentum in 2022 but he’ll be back with vengeance next season. His 2018 Bowman Chrome and Topps Chrome rookie selections offer elite talent at mid-tier prices currently.

Rookie Pitchers with Ace Potential:

Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, Baltimore Orioles – Rodriguez dominated the minors and made his MLB debut in 2022, flashing a high-octane four-pitch mix. He looks destined for stardom as Baltimore’s next #1. Pick up his 2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire cards now before he takes off.

George Kirby, RHP, Seattle Mariners – Kirby breezed through the minors and showed poise in the bigs as a rookie, relying on pinpoint command plus a sinking two-seamer. He profiles as a potential frontline starter who could anchor Seattle’s rotation for years. 2021 Bowman Chrome Refractors are a solid long term gamble.

Shane Baz, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays – Baz overcame an elbow injury that cost him all of 2022 with flying colors in the Arizona Fall League. When healthy, his stuff rivals any pitching prospect in baseball. Given the Rays’ ability to develop arms, Baz could blossom into an ace if you buy in now on his 2021 Topps Chrome autograph or refractor cards.

Veteran Stars Poised for Resurgence:

Mike Trout, OF, Los Angeles Angels – At just 30, Trout is already an all-time great but injuries have slowed him the past two years. Once fully healthy again, expect a monstrous bounce back season that lifts the value of his entire rookie card collection from 2009-2011.

Gerrit Cole, RHP, New York Yankees – Cole will be 32 in 2023 and is still in his prime. A career year could be in the books if he stays off the injured list. As one of the game’s premier aces, his collectors are hoping his early Topps autographs from 2008-2010 will regain lost steam in value.

Nolan Arenado, 3B, St Louis Cardinals – Only 31, Arenado continues producing like an elite defender and middle-of-the-order thumper. He brings five-tools to the table and his 2009 Topps rookie debut holds long term collectibility as a proven superstar.

There are always surprises in baseball, but these players represent smart bets at various collecting levels for the coming year based on their talents, ages, situations and recent performances. By doing additional research into each player and tracking their progress throughout 2023, savvy collectors can likely profit on these recommended baseball cards picks over the long run. Let me know if any part of the answer needs further explanation or expansion.