Topps Fire Baseball Cards 2022 – A Hot New Insert Set From the Sports Card Giant

Topps has been King of the baseball card industry since the 1950s, famous for producing classics like packs of Fleer and Donruss in the ‘80s and ‘90s that are still coveted investments today. In 2022, they continued that baseball card dominance by releasing an all-new inserts set called Topps Fire that combined throwback photography with cutting edge design.

Topps Fire was introduced in 2022 Series 1, with red-orange parallels of base rookie and star player cards infused with fiery graphics. The set paid homage to vintage baseball cards of past eras while also feeling fresh and modern. Topps leveraged premium stock and foil techniques to make each Fire card really pop on the shelf or in a binder. They were a sharp contrast next to the standard grey-bordered base cards in wax packs and blasters.

The key highlights of each Topps Fire card included:

Distinctive red-orange borders and fiery graphics printed on premium stock more durable than typical cardboard
Sophisticated holofoil treatment throughout the images that catches the light in a shimmering display
Retro photograph choices highlighting iconic poses and actions from baseball’s golden eras, perfectly complementing the throwback design aesthetic
Parallel version numbering out of 2023 or /2022 depending on the player, adding rarity and collectability


Topps carefully selected the initial lineup of players featured in the Topps Fire insert set based on big names, rising talents, and history-making performances from 2021:

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – Fresh off his AL MVP season with the Blue Jays
Shohei Ohtani – The two-way superstar captivating all of baseball
Juan Soto – At just 23, already a three-time All-Star for the Nationals
Wander Franco – Widely considered the top prospect in baseball and emerging Rays star
Fernando Tatis Jr. – Slugging shortstop for the Padres living up to his supersized talent
Jacob deGrom – When healthy, the absolute best pitcher in MLB for the past five years
Jose Ramirez – AL player of the year contender swinging a hot bat for the Guardians

With short printed parallels numbers and incredible photography/design married to premium production value, Topps Fire rapidly became one of the most sought after inserts in all of 2022 Series 1 hobby boxes. Savvy collectors knew to carefully scrutinize each pack, looking for hints of orange foil hiding among the grey – the thrill of finding a Fire parallel was palpable.


Meanwhile, on the resale market, Topps Fire listings commanded higher prices than typical rookie cards. A /99 parallel of Wander Franco moved for over $100 shortly after Series 1 release, showing how collectors valued the exclusivity and old school style. Topps capitalized on this buzz by continuing Fire inserts across subsequent series and update sets in 2022, focusing on top rookie performances and achievements throughout the season.

Some other notable names who earned Topps Fire cards later in 2022 included:

Julio Rodriguez – Establishing himself as the new Bronx Bomber in Seattle
Bobby Witt Jr. – Taking Kansas City by storm as one of baseball’s best prospects
C.J. Abrams – Speedy shortstop breaking out with the Padres after trade from Phillies
Spencer Strider – Dominant rookie starter for the surging Atlanta Braves
Oneil Cruz – Towering Pirates infielder with unlimited upside


Topps also sprinkled in veteran stars still making an impact like Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, and Albert Pujols. The varying levels of parallel numbering from low serials like /10 up to extended runs like /199 kept collectors guessing in each product release. With each Series and Update, the Topps Fire insert set grew in size, popularity and monetary value across the secondary market.

Heading into the 2023 season, Topps Fire is poised to cement its place amongst the hobby’s most desirable short prints. The formula of applying premium construction to classic baseball photography has clearly resonated with collectors both casual and avid. Topps is proving that by thoughtfully merging nostalgia with modern design, they can create new insert sets that both pay tribute to the past and fuel future collecting passions. With more Topps Fire surely on the horizon, 2022 served as a fiery introduction to what may become a long-standing baseball card tradition.

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