Topps released their 2022 baseball card set this year continuing their 70+ year streak of being the premier issuer of MLB trading cards. The flagship Topps baseball set is one that collectors eagerly await each season to see the new design and showcase of that year’s league. The 2022 edition did not disappoint with a variety of inserts, parallels, and stars on full display.

The base set consisted of 330 cards split into 17 series with each team receiving 20 cards except for two teams receiving 19 cards each. The checklist featured all current players along with a number of rookie cards and prospects to keep collectors up to date with the future faces of baseball. At the forefront was Julio Rodriguez who had one of the more coveted rookie cards after his hype-filled debut season with the Mariners. Additional top rookies like Bobby Witt Jr. and Adley Rutschman also received prominent cards that collectors scrambled to pull.

As with every year, Topps added various insert sets to add more chase cards and collecting opportunities beyond the base roster. A fan favorite “Stars of the Topps Franchise” insert paid tribute to iconic players from years past by recreating their signature poses from classic Topps issues. Legends like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Nolan Ryan appeared with a retro border design evoking nostalgia. An “All-Time Top 100” set ranked the greatest players ever with parallels available for superstars like Mike Trout, Barry Bonds, and others.


Topps also incorporated more hit varieties beyond base rookies and stars. An “Amazing Technique” insert broke down distinct skills like pitch types or fielding abilities. “Career Milestones” honored major achievements while “Fan Favorites” provided fun shots of player personalities. “Canvas” inserts replicated the texture of a textured painting to make cards truly unique artistic showpieces. And “Stats Vs Stats” cards compared two players’ head-to-head numbers in intriguing matchups.

Rainbow foil was a major parallel theme throughout the complete set. The base cards had Green /299, Gold /50, and Red /5 parallels available. Many inserts came with similar paralleled versions at differing print runs. The highly coveted 1/1 “Black Border” parallel brought an air of exclusivity that collectors scrambled eBay to find. Topps also released “Superfractor” variations of major stars which were essentially the 1/1 version while utilizing their distinct “Fractor” foil style.


Besides the standard cardboard issue, Topps released high-end products like “Hobby Jumbos” and “Chrome” to cater to serious investors. Jumbos featured oversized cards with premier materials and guaranteed hit cards. And Chrome resembled the base design but utilized Chrome foil making for phenomenal eye appeal prized by collectors. Box toppers in these sets provided guaranteed 1/1 “rainbow” parallels that could fetch huge sums from devoted PC buyers online.

To complete their 2022 set, Topps issued special inserts through the course of the season to highlight memorable feats. “Walk-Off Winners”, “Cycle Kings”, and “No-Hitters” captured defining MLB moments on card form. Additionally, Update and High Number Series extended the base checklist through the end of the season with any players who debuted after the initial release date. This kept the set as comprehensive as possible through all the ups and downs of a full 162-game campaign.


Overall Topps yet again delivered a premier flagship set that had something for every type and level of baseball card collector. With over 330 base cards plus dozens of inserts and parallels, collectors could spend an entire season chasing down the complete 2022 Topps collection. Major stars, rookies, and unique parallel pulls kept the trading card community buzzing all year long. Though the season comes to a close, the Topps legacy lives on through the history captured in their annually iconic issues. Their attention to design, checklist makeup, and parallel choices ensured the 2022 edition will be remembered as one of the premier complete sets in the hobby’s long tradition. Whether assembled through packs, boxes, or the secondary market – any baseball fan would be proud to showcase a finished 2022 Topps collection.

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