The 2022 Bowman baseball card release was one of the most highly anticipated card sets of the year thanks to its focus on top prospects and emerging stars at the minor league level. While other mainstream release like Topps and Panini feature current MLB players, Bowman sets the standard as the go-to product for collectors seeking cards of future superstars who are just starting their pro careers. With another strong rookie class coming through the minors in 2022, this year’s Bowman release delivered several cards that are already garnering big hype in the hobby. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top rookies, prospects and parallels from the 2022 Bowman baseball card set.

#1 – Julio Rodriguez Base Auto RC (Blue Refractor /150)

Perhaps the most sought-after rookie card in the entire set was the base autographed refractor of Mariners outfield phenom Julio Rodriguez. Considered a potential five-tool superstar, Rodriguez had a breakout season in 2021 that skyrocketed him up prospect rankings and earned him a quick promotion to Seattle. His on-card autograph refractors sparkled thanks to their limited print run of just 150 copies. Early PSA 10 gem mint examples sold for over $1000 and demand remains high as collectors recognize Rodriguez’s budding superstardom. This is certainly a long-term hold for any Bowman collection.

#2 – Adley Rutschman Base Auto RC

As the top prospect in baseball heading into 2022, Adley Rutschman’s base autograph rookie cards became overnight favorites upon the Bowman release. The switch-hitting catcher possesses elite talents at and behind the plate and is seen as a franchise cornerstone for the Orioles. His autograph RCs gained even more steam after a hot MLB debut. While less scarce than the Julio autos, Rutschman signees still averaged several hundred dollars and demonstrate his status as a true superstar in the making. This is one of the safest long term investments in the set.

#3 – Bobby Witt Jr. Base Auto RC

Considered part of the elite prospect tier along with Rutschman and Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr. became the biggest story of the rookie class after debuting with the Royals in 2022. The son of former big leaguer Bobby Witt possessed five-tool talents and didn’t disappoint in his first MLB action. As a result, his already much-hyped autograph Bowman RCs gained massive additional buzz. While likely less valuable than Rutschman and Rodriguez long term, early Witt autos still averaged $400-500 with 10 examples pushing north of $1000. He shored up his place as a true star with his dynamic play.


#4 – Jordan Lawlar Base Auto RC

While not as well known as the top three, Jordan Lawlar made a strong case as the best true shortstop prospect in the 2022 class. The athleticism and polish in his game wowed scouts and earned him the #1 overall selection in the 2021 MLB Draft by the Diamondbacks. As such, his autographed Bowman RCs generated big interest right out of the gates. With his five-tools and potential long term home at a premium shortstop position, Lawlar looks primed to be an impact player. His autos settled in the $300-400 range on release with heightened potential if he hits his ceiling.

#5 – Druw Jones Base Auto RC

As the highest drafted high schooler in 2022 after going #2 overall to the Diamondbacks, Druw Jones burst onto the prospect scene this year with his freakish five-tool talents. While too new to pro ball for extended scouting reports, Jones created instant buzz that carried over to premium Bowman card demand. With genetics and tools seemingly resembling a young Andruw Jones, collectors are betting big on Druw reaching superstardom. His scarce autos pulled in around $300 each out of the gates and have solid long term hold potential if he develops according to plan.

#6 – Termarr Johnson Base Auto RC

Perhaps the biggest winner from the 2022 J2 international signing period was Atlanta Braves OF prospect Termarr Johnson. The fleet center fielder shined in workouts and signed for a near $5 million bonus, making him the highest paid international amateur. This fame transfered amply to his Bowman RCs, which caught fire with collectors expecting Johnson to rise up prospect charts quickly. While signing amount doesn’t guarantee success, collectors pegged Johnson as a rising star early and his autos achieved around $250 average pricing on release. He now has high expectations to fulfill.

#7 – Brock Porter Base Auto RC

As one of the prized high school arms in the 2022 draft class, hard throwing righty Brock Porter living up to the hype didn’t take long. Upon being selected #3 overall by the Rangers, Porter became a hot early target for prospect hounds. His power arsenal is considered elite for any age and with development could make him a true ace. These factors contributed to his scarce autographed Bowman RCs landing in the $250 range initially. If Porter stays healthy and fulfills his upside, these cards hold great long term potential.


#8 – Elijah Green Base Auto RC

Fresh off an enormous $5.2 million international signing bonus with the Dodgers, outfielder Elijah Green became among the most hyped young hitters in baseball overnight. At 6-foot-3 with smooth lefty swing skills, Green already looks the part of a budding impact middle of the order slugger. As a result, collectors flocked to his autographed Bowman RCs, pushing prices up near $200 initially. Green must still develop but has true superstar potential that makes these cards intriguing long term investments around his talents.

#9 – Chayce McDermott Base Auto RC

Considered a rising pitching prospect after debuting in the Pirates system, righty Chayce McDermott made his big league brethren take notice with his performance in 2021. Between his intimidating 6-foot-5 frame and low 90s fastball, McDermott looks the part of potential rotation anchor down the line. This translated to good early Bowman RC interest at around the $150-175 price range. He bears watching to see if increased prospect status boosts card values going forward as well.

#10 – Gabriel Hughes Base Auto RC

One of the more polarizing 2022 draft prospects, Gabriel Hughes’ talent was never in question but command issues gave some scouts pause. Ultimately his pure arm strength won out when the Rockies grabbed him 10th overall. With his near triple-digit fastball and frame nearing 6-foot-8, Hughes has as much upside as any prep arm. His cards achieved around the $150 range initially on thisfactors. If he refines control, Hughes has potential for stardom that lifts these Bowman gems.

#11 – Dylan Beavers Base Auto RC

As a college bat with a well-rounded all-fields approach at an up-the-middle defensive position, Dylan Beavers was a classic “safe” prep for teams. This is precisely why the Twins selected him 33rd overall in 2022 after a breakout season at California. Scouts raved about his hitting polish and athleticism – qualities that can play at the highest level. His cards found early support at $125 on average from those buying into his profile and pathway.


#12 – Daniel Espino Base Auto RC

Once a top pitching prospect in the 2019 J2 class, Daniel Espino suffered through 2020 Tommy John surgery that stunted his rise. But by adding a cutter and returning to form by mid-2021, Espino re-centered as a potential frontline starter long term for the Brewers. This comeback story resonated and drove interest in Bowman RCs around $100 each initially. Any further steps forward boost Espino’s stock significantly as he reclaims lost prospect status.

#13 – Ken Waldichuk Base Auto RC

One of the breakout pitching prospects from low minors in 2022 was lefty Ken Waldichuk, who shot up charts with a dominating season split between High-A and Double-A. Waldichuk misses plenty of bats with an explosive fastball and shows feel for multiple secondary pitches. This profile attracted collectors to his Bowman RCs at around the $75-100 range as the Yankees farmhand’s stock continues climbing. His trajectory is an intriguing one to track longer term.

#14 – Elias Smith Base Auto RC

A high octane arm who touched triple digits on the radar gun, righty Elias Smith proved one of the prime pitching prospects in a loaded 2021 prep class. This velocity and projection made him a first round choice of the Padres and early speculation has Smith tracking as a potential future ace. While development is needed, initial interest in his Bowman autos reached the $75 area with plenty of long term potential if tools translate.

#15 – Dylan Beavers Base Refractor RC /599

While his base auto sat around the $125 mark, limited numbering refractors of Dylan Beavers saw even stronger early demand. Numbered to just 599 copies, his refractor rookie debuted in the $250-350 range thanks to the dual appeal of the in-demand player and scarce parallel. As Beavers’ stock holds or rises in Minnesota, looks for values to potentially appreciate long term on this rare pull.

#16 – Justin Crawford Base Auto RC

An elite five-tool athlete who went 8th overall to

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