The Montreal Expos were the first Major League Baseball team located in Canada. They played in Montreal from 1969-2004 before relocating to Washington D.C. and becoming the Nationals. Despite only having moderate on-field success during their time in Montreal, Expos cards from the 1970s in particular are highly coveted by collectors today due to the team’s historic significance as the lone Canadian MLB franchise.

While stars like Andre Dawson, Gary Carter, Tim Raines, and Larry Walker powered the Expos on the field, their cardboard counterparts have grown enormously in value over the decades. Here’s a look at some of the most valuable and sought-after Expos baseball cards from throughout the team’s history in Montreal:

1971 Topps Gary Sutherland (#480) – One of the rarest cards from the very first Topps set to feature Expos players, the Sutherland rookie card is legendary in collector circles. In top-graded gem mint condition it can sell for over $20,000 due to its extreme scarcity. Sutherland only appeared in 13 games for Montreal in 1971.

1972 Topps Mike Torrez (#537) – As one of the premier rookie cards issued during the early Expos era, the Torrez is highly iconic. Torrez went on to enjoy a solid 14-year MLB career but is best remembered for his time with Montreal from 1972-1975. Near-mint condition examples have sold recently for around $7,000.

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1974 Topps Ellis Valentine (#30) – The Valentine rookie is considered one of the key cards from the 1970s Expos subset of stars. Valentine developed into a multiple-time All-Star during his decade-long Expos tenure. High-grade Valentine rookies trade hands for $4,000-5,000 depending on centering and corners.

1975 Topps Larry Parrish (#601) – As a key part of the potent Expos lineups in the 1970s, Parrish developed a strong fan following in Montreal. His rookie card carries significant nostalgia for Expos collectors. Near-mint Parrish rookies sell for approximately $3,000.

1975 Topps Dave Cash (#122) – While not a huge star, Cash holds historical significance as one of the first prominent Jewish players in MLB. His memorable afro hairstyle also adds to the card’s visual pop. Well-centered examples in near-mint fetch around $2,800.

1977 Topps Andre Dawson (#646) – “The Hawk’s” impressive rookie card remains a highly coveted piece for Expos devotees as Dawson went on to star in Montreal for over a decade. Back when PSA was still grading aggressively, gem mint 10 Dawson rookies crossed the $15,000 mark. Still a $4,000+ card today.


1978 Topps Gary Carter (#422) – As one of the faces of the franchise for many years, Carter’s iconic smile shines through on his memorable rookie card. This is considered the must-have rookie for any Expos or Carter collector. Near-mint examples have been selling in the $3,500 range.

1979 Topps Ellis Valentine (#380) – Valentine’s stylish long hair and facial expression make this one of the most visually striking cards of the era. It remains quite scarce in high grade as well. Perfectly centered PSA 10 examples have sold for over $4,000.

1980 Topps Tim Raines (#108) – “Rock” established himself as a stolen base dynamo from the start of his career. His rookie is a pillar in any vintage Expos or 80s card collection. Well-centered near-mint Raines rookies have crossed the $2,500 mark.

1981 Fleer Update Tim Raines (#U16) – The short printed Fleer Update checklist made this one of the rarest Raines rookies. In gem mint 10 condition, it’s reached the $7,000 sales threshold, reflecting its strong multi-factor rarity.


1982 Donruss Steve Rogers (#144) – One of the most memorable Expos pitchers of the 1970s-80s, Rogers’ understated classic vertical design rookie continues to resonate. High-grade copies command $1,500-2,000.

1984 Donruss Steve Rogers (#544) – Rogers’ final notable Expos card came during the peak of his career in 1984. This iconic horizontal layout design with his signature throwing motion captures that excellence. A true condition gem can bring $1,000.

1987 Topps Wally Backman (#234) – While with Montreal only briefly in 1987, Backman made his mark with memorable hustle and grit. His sole Expos card carries nostalgia from those brief but impactful seasons. Near-mint copies sell around $750.

There are several other notable rookie and star Expos cards that have gained collector value over the decades as well. But the above represent some of the true crown jewels and most financially significant cardboard from the team’s storied run in Montreal. With the Expos historically remembered so fondly in Canada, their baseball cards continue resonating strongly with enthusiasts worldwide.

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