Buying baseball cards directly from the manufacturer has several advantages over purchasing from hobby shops or retailers. You can get cards at wholesale prices before they hit the shelves, you have more selection options to choose from, and you can sometimes work out special bulk order discounts. It does require more planning and legwork on your part to work directly with the manufacturers.

The main baseball card manufacturers are Topps, Panini, Leaf, and Upper Deck. Each company has their own sales representatives, account managers, and ordering systems setup. The first step is to contact the sales department of the manufacturer you want to order from to inquire about account setup and minimum order quantities. Typically you will need to place an initial large order to get approved as a wholesale customer. Minimums can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands depending on the company.

Once approved, you will work with an assigned sales rep who can provide catalogues, price lists, release schedules, and special programs available. Payment terms are usually net 30 days for wholesale customers. Manufacturers may require you to complete a credit application and provide tax IDs or business licenses depending on your structure. Having a business entity like an LLC is ideal when dealing with larger order volumes.


Topps has the longest history of making baseball cards and distributes the official MLB partners cards each year. They offer the classic flagship sets like Topps Series 1 & 2 along with specialized inserts, parallels and high-end products. Topps assigns sales territories so make sure to order within your assigned region. Their minimums are among the lowest starting around $3,000 per order.

Panini secured the MLBPA license a few years ago and produces unique on-card autographs and memorabilia cards you won’t find with other companies. Panini sets tend to focus more on specific player subsets rather than full regular season rosters. Their minimums start higher around $10,000 per order.


Leaf brand focuses more on high-end, limited releases with premium vintage style cards and huge rare hit cards. Their products carry collectors’ cache but also come with higher price tags. Leaf order minimums are $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the release.

Upper Deck made a name in the early ’90s with spectacular hits and innovations but has scaled back baseball significantly in recent years. They still offer a few niche retro-style sets annually with order minimums around $5,000.

In addition to the big four, there are several smaller regional manufacturers that service independent card shops. These may be options too depending on your location and target customer base. Brands like Donruss, Panini Immaculate and Stadium Club fill niches as well.

When placing your initial order, be sure to inquire about any upcoming releases, promotions or specials you may get in on. Manufacturers often run volume incentives for orders spanning multiple releases that could save you money in the long run. It’s also a good opportunity to discuss desired payment terms, shipping logistics and any other special service needs.


Once approved as a wholesale account, you can log into an online portal to browse current and upcoming catalogs, check inventory levels and place your orders 24/7. Orders are then shipped direct to your business address usually within a couple weeks. Tracking numbers are provided and you handle your own order fulfillment from there to your customers.

Selling directly from manufacturers allows for maximum flexibility and profit potential over retail sales. But it does require more business savvy and an plan for demand generation when taking on full case breaks or pallet lots on your own. With the right strategy and account minimums met, wholesaling baseball cards is a viable way for collectors or entrepreneurs to get started in the hobby business supply chain.

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