The 2022 Topps Heritage baseball card set is one of the most anticipated releases each year from the legendary Topps brand. As a retro-styled set that pays homage to the design aesthetics of baseball cards from the late 1960s, each year’s Heritage release brings collectors a nostalgic trip down memory lane while also serving up some of the sport’s biggest modern stars in a classic cardboard format.

With the 2022 season now underway, collectors have their eyes peeled for the arrival of this year’s Heritage baseball cards at retail. Set for an official release date of March 30, 2022, the 2022 Topps Heritage set is comprised of 330 total cards including base cards, parallels, inserts and more. At the heart of the set are the standard base cards featuring each of the 30 Major League teams with artwork and designs inspired by Topps issues from the late 1960s. Popular modern-day players like Shohei Ohtani, Fernando Tatis Jr., Ronald Acuña Jr. and more grace the fronts of these retro-styled cards.

As with any highly anticipated modern release, the 2022 Topps Heritage cards are already generating plenty of buzz and discussion in the collector community regarding the potential “flip” value of the sought-after rookie cards and short printed parallels found in the set. “Flipping” refers to the practice of buying a newly released product like packs or boxes immediately upon release and then quickly reselling individual cards or sealed product in order to turn a profit. With demand often exceeding initial supply for new releases, savvy flippers look to capitalize on the hype in the days and weeks following a product’s street date.


Two rookies in particular that flippers will have their eyes on in the 2022 Topps Heritage set are catcher Adley Rutschman of the Baltimore Orioles and pitcher Grayson Rodriguez of the Orioles. Both are considered two of the top prospects in all of baseball and their rookie cards in the Heritage set are expected to attract strong early demand. Rutschman especially could see a nice initial markup as the No. 1 overall pick in 2019 and a player many expect to be in the American League Rookie of the Year race this season. His base rookie card may fetch $20-30 upon release with the potential to settle in the $50-75 range in the short term.


In terms of parallels, several short printed variations found in Heritage each year hold the potential for big flips. The coveted “rainbow foil” parallels, which feature vibrant foil coloring on the borders, are usually limited to one per box. These ultra-short printed rainbow foil cards for stars like Ohtani, Acuña or Tatis could realistically sell for $100-200 right out of the gate. Another highly sought-after parallel is the “gold label” variation, which uses a gold foil treatment on the standard base design. These are inserted about 1 per every 2-3 boxes. Top gold label rookies like Rutschman or Rodriguez may fetch $50-75 upon release with upside.

Beyond individual cards, sealed 2022 Topps Heritage boxes and blasters also present flipping opportunities. With an MSRP of $89.99 per wax box, savvy early sellers may be able to move sealed boxes for $120-150 in the initial hype. Smaller blaster boxes, which contain 8 packs and retail for $19.99, could also see a $5-10 markup upon release. It’s important to note that flipping profits tend to be highest in the very first wave of product availability as the initial supply/demand imbalance creates room for price increases. Margins shrink rapidly thereafter as additional supply hits the market.


The 2022 Topps Heritage baseball card release is primed to create plenty of early flipping excitement among collectors. With its retro designs, star rookies and short printed parallels, the set offers multiple individual cards and sealed product that speculators will hope to acquire cheap on release day and resell for a quick profit. Of course, there is inherent risk in trying to flip any new release. While some will undoubtedly hit it big, many others will be left holding inventory if demand doesn’t meet expectations. Still, for those willing to do the research and take a calculated risk, the 2022 Topps Heritage cards provide yet another chance to potentially cash in on the initial hype.

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