Sport Cards Columbus – This shop has been in business in Columbus since 1990 and is considered one of the premier establishments for trading, buying, and selling sports cards and memorabilia in the city. They have a huge inventory of cards and take the time to properly assess condition and value of individual cards. Given their longevity, reputation, and expertise in the industry, they will likely offer you a fair price for your baseball cards. They are located at 2619 Hilliard Rome Rd.

Cardinal Sports – Located right in Columbus on Westerville Road, Cardinal Sports has been serving collectors for over 30 years. They have a dedicated staff who know the hobby well and can provide up-to-date pricing on individual cards or entire collections you may want to sell. They sell cards of all sports but have a strong focus on baseball. In addition to buying collections, they also have regular events where you can bring cards to sell to other collectors looking to add to theirs.


Buckeye Card Shop – Operating since 1978, this locally owned shop has great rapport within the central Ohio collecting community. They are a full service store that buys, sells and trades all sports and non-sports cards. For selling your baseball cards, they will look them over carefully and provide you a fair quote based on current market values. You can expect honest and knowledgeable assessment from their experienced staff. They are located at 4600 Indianola Ave in Clintonville.

Cardinal City – Located within the Polaris Fashion Place mall, this shop benefits from high foot traffic. While their retail space isn’t large, they are equipped to assess the value of individual cards or entire collections and make competitive cash offers. Mall hours provide flexibility when looking to sell. They carry new cards and supplies in addition to appraising cards for sale. Given their central location, it’s a convenient option for those in northern Columbus.


Collector’s Connection – This online shop has a physical location in downtown Columbus that also serves as a destination for collecting needs. They buy collections daily on a consignment basis, meaning you would leave your cards and receive a percentage of whatever they sell for rather than an immediate flat rate offer. This option allows you to potentially get a better price if the cards attract serious bidders. There is an element of risk if items don’t sell for your minimum asking price.

While these top five establishments would likely offer the best value and expertise when selling your baseball cards in Columbus, you could also consider listing them for sale online through platforms like eBay or through collector groups on Facebook. This opens your cards up to a nationwide or even global audience of interested buyers. You take on more responsibilities like shipping and handling inquiries yourself rather than having a local shop serve as an intermediary.


In the end, factors like collection size, individual card value, urgency to sell, and desired level of services should inform where is best to pursue selling your baseball cards in the Columbus area. With options catering to different needs, with a bit of research collectors have many reliable avenues through which to convert their cardboard treasures into cash in central Ohio.

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