One of the best places to sell baseball cards in Des Moines is Comic Headquarters. Located at 527 Grand Avenue, this store has been buying and selling comics, cards, and collectibles in Des Moines since 1991. They have a very knowledgeable staff that can give you a fair price quote for your cards based on condition, player, year, and other factors that determine value. They pay cash on the spot or are willing to work out a trade if you see anything else in the store you’d like. Comic Headquarters is open Monday through Saturday, so they offer good availability to come in and get an assessment. They also have an online inventory you can view ahead of time to get a sense of the cards and prices.

Another locally-owned option is Beyond Comics at 4527 Hubbell Avenue. Beyond Comics focuses specifically on comics, cards, toys and other collectibles. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and have a loyal customer base in the Des Moines area. They pride themselves on fair pricing and will take the time to look up recent sales data on anything valuable in your collection to offer the most accurate price. You can choose to take cash for your cards or use the money as store credit to find other collectibles. Beyond Comics is open fewer hours than Comic Headquarters, but they are still a reliable locally-run business that baseball card collectors in Des Moines trust.


If you want the convenience of potentially getting paid the same day without having to leave your home, you could consider selling your baseball cards online through websites like eBay, Mercari, or Decluttr. On eBay, you can individually list cards or sell full collections and set your own preferred method of payment whether that’s invoice payment or optional extras like buyer protection. The fees are higher for individual sales versus bulk lots, but eBay has the biggest pool of potential buyers worldwide. Sites like Mercari charge less in fees and have buyer protection built-in as well. Decluttr focuses on buying collections outright, so you’d ship them your cards and they’d make you a single cash offer, paying a few days later once received and verified. For a one-stop sale without hassle, Decluttr may be the easiest online option.


Some local card shops in Des Moines also buy collections outright like Sports Collectibles located at 6900 Vista Drive Suite 110. They specialize in buying, selling and trading all sports cards and memorabilia. You can call ahead, arrange an appointment and have them come take a look at your entire baseball card collection and make you one cash offer on the spot. They strive to pay fair prices in line with recent eBay sold listings. Taking a collection in one transaction is less work than individual sales. Sports Collectibles pays promptly after receiving cards and verifying condition. Since they are a dedicated card shop, they also give you the option to take partial store credit if you prefer.

If your baseball card collection contains very high-end, valuable rookie cards or vintage cards from the 1950s-1980s, another good option is to consign them to an online or regional auction house. Heritage Auctions and Grey Flannel Auctions are two reputable examples that have auctions several times a year and will handle all aspects of promotion, guaranteed payment, and shipment on your behalf in exchange for a buyer’s premium percentage. Consignment requires filling out forms with estimates and paperwork upfront, but it gives very rare and valuable cards maximum exposure to avid collectors worldwide sometimes resulting in significantly higher sale prices versus local shops. For one-of-a-kind vintage Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle or Honus Wagner cards, the auction approach could make the most financial sense.


For convenience and cash in hand the same day, local Des Moines shops Comic Headquarters and Beyond Comics provide trusted service for selling baseball cards. Online sites like eBay give access to the largest buyer pool but involve fees. Decluttr offers an easy collection sale alternative. Sports Collectibles is a good local option for outright collection buys as well. And high-end individual cards may have the most potential through auction houses if seeking top dollar. Overall, Des Moines collectors are well served by these local retailers and the internet for efficiently selling off their baseball card collections.

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