There are many options for what to do with common baseball cards that people have collected over the years. While they may not be worth a fortune, there are still useful ways to enjoy and store your card collection.

One of the easiest things you can do is simply display them. You don’t need to have expensive or valuable cards to enjoy looking at your collection. You could organize them by team, player, or year in a binder, box, or baseball card display case. Display cases are ideal because they keep the cards protected from dust or sunlight damage. Page protectors or sleeves are also a good way to protect cards that are in binders or boxes.

You could also start your own baseball card album or scrapbook. This allows you to get creative by designing pages with stats, memorbilia, ticket stubs, or articles related to the players or teams. It’s a fun way to chronicle your favorite players and seasons over the years. Scrapbooking supplies are affordable and turn your cards into a personalized collection with meaning beyond monetary value.


If your cards are in generally good condition but not in mint shape, you could consider donating them to local schools, libraries, or Little League teams. Children just starting to get interested in the sport would enjoy looking through and learning about players, even with cards that aren’t in pristine condition. It helps get more kids interested in baseball and allows your cards to still bring enjoyment instead of sitting in a box in the attic. Receipts for large donations of cards can also be used when filing taxes.

You may also want to organize a baseball card show or trade day with other collectors locally. This is a great way to trade duplicate cards or find ones you need to complete sets. You may even discover the value in some of your more common cards has increased over the years since you originally collected them. Meeting other collectors is also fun for sharing memories and knowledge of the game.


If you have large collections of common cards, you could try selling them online through eBay, collector sports sites, or Amazon Marketplace. Lots of complete common sets or teams from specific seasons will attract buyers who are working on their own collections but don’t want to pay high prices. Do some research on recent sale prices to get an idea of what different cards may be reasonably worth. Just shipping and supplies would need to be factored into any profit earned.

Some collector shops may also be willing to purchase large collections of common cards, especially if sorted and organized, at a fair wholesale price per card or set. It’s a convenience option if you simply want to clear out space, though you likely won’t get top individual dollar that way. But it ensures the cards end up in the hands of collectors who will appreciate them rather than being trashed.


Rather than treating common baseball cards as junk, all of these options allow your collection to still have purpose and value even if not monetarily. Creative display, donations to spark new fans, meets with fellow collectors, and online sales keep the cards circulating among baseball lovers for years to come. With some patience and ingenuity, there are always ways to put even simple cards to good use!

While common baseball cards may not be worth much as individual trading pieces, they still hold significance and memory value that can be turned into enjoyment through displays, scrapbooks, donations, trades with other collectors, or organized resales online or to local shops. Taking the time to thoughtfully handle your collection ensures the legacy of the players and your collecting history lives on for others to discover. With a little creativity, any box of cards has potential to engage and connect people through our shared love of America’s pastime.

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