Very few things in life can bring as much joy as finding a valuable baseball card tucked away in your collection. While most cards are worth just a few cents, there are always a few that could pay off your mortgage if they are in gem mint condition. Twins cards are no exception, as there are quite a few from their history that could be worth a pretty penny. Let’s take a deeper look at some twins baseball cards that could be worth serious money.

One of the most valuable twins cards ever is the 1965 Topps Jim Kaat rookie card. Only about 10-15 gem mint examples are known to exist, and the last few to cross the auction block have sold for over $30,000 each. What makes this card so rare is that only 86 copies were printed with the wrong photo, which is the version that has become the true rookie. The regular issue shows Kaat with a different uniform. This mistake made only a small run that has proven to be incredibly scarce over the decades.

Another huge money twins rookie is the 2001 Topps Zach Greinke card. As one of the best pitchers of his generation, demand remains high for Greinke rookie cards. High grade examples in PSA 10 condition have reached $2,500 recently. Even well-centered PSA 9 copies can bring $500-1000. What’s interesting about this card is Greinke only spent half a season with the Twins before being traded, yet his rookie card value remains tied strongly to Minnesota.


For players with lengthy Twins careers, hall of famers Tony Oliva and Kent Hrbek have valuable rookie cards as well. The 1964 Topps Oliva is highly sought after, with PSA 9’s selling around $800-1000. Hrbek’s memorable mustache graces his 1982 Topps rookie, with PSA 10’s reaching over $500. Both were vital cogs in the great Twins teams of the 60s and 80s, making their earliest issues very collectible.

Switching gears to the modern era, Byron Buxton’s 2015 Topps Chrome rookie refractor parallel /99 is a true gem for Twins fans. Numbered to just 99 copies, these often eclipse $1000 for higher grades. Even raw ungraded examples command $500+. Buxton appeared poised for superstardom after initially joining Minnesota, and collectors remain hopeful he can still achieve that potential. His posters have held value better than most.


Continuing with recent players, the 2011 Topps Jose Berrios rookie refractor /299 has quickly become a hits. Still just 27, Berrios has cemented himself as the Twins ace and continues improving. High end PSA 10 examples of this short printed parallel have reached $900. His immense talent and status as the staff leader make this a cardinal to target.

Speaking of short prints, the 1992 Bowman Chipper Jones Twins card /399 is a true rarity. Despite only playing 9 games for Minnesota before his Hall of Fame career took off with Atlanta, this pre-rookie issue remains one of the most valuable Twins cards period. A PSA 9 just sold for $3,750. Only 399 were produced, making this about as scarce as it gets to own a piece of Chipper’s early days.

For a true blast from the past, the 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle Twins card retains massive popularity. Although Mickey spent just one season in Minnesota’s minor league system as a 19 year old, any Mantle issue generates fervor. High grade versions remain north of $10,000 each when they surface. While he never even reached the Twins, this is as close as it gets for collectors of The Mick.


The all-time most expensive twins baseball card belongs to the 1909-11 T206 Eddie Cicotte card in a PSA Authentic grade of 8. This iconic T206 set features many of the game’s early stars, but high grade Cicotte examples are exceptionally rare finds. In 2018, one in this condition sold for a staggering $86,250. Admittedly, it’s not attainable for most collectors. But this just shows the incredible heights a valuable twins issue can reach.

While the average twins baseball card may not be worth much, there are certainly some that could pay major dividends with the right combination of player, set, and condition. Top rookies from the likes of Kaat, Greinke, Oliva, and Hrbek maintain strong values. Short prints highlight Buxton and Berrios. Mistake issues like the Chipper Jones twin stands outs. And vintage greats such as Mantle and Cicotte will always generate tremendous interest. With a little luck and perseverance, one of these gems could be waiting in your twin’s collection to be rediscovered.

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