The 1991 Donruss baseball card set was released at the tail end of the junk wax era and marked a transition period for Donruss baseball cards. While the set lacked the mega stars and rookie cards of years past, it featured solid veterans and young up and comers that excited collectors. The set has retained some value over the years due to the inclusion of stars still playing in the 1990s as well as the nostalgia many collectors have for cards from their childhood. Here’s a ranking of the top 10 most valuable and desirable 1991 Donruss baseball cards:

Kirby Puckett (#91) – Kirby Puckett was already establishing himself as one of the game’s biggest stars in 1991 with two batting titles and an All-Star appearance under his belt. “Puck” had several strong seasons still ahead of him that would help cement his legacy as a clutch hitter for the Twins. His 1991 Donruss card rarely sells for more than $10-15 but remains a popular pick for nostalgic Twins fans and Puckett completists.

Roberto Alomar (#103) – Roberto Alomar was still several years away from reaching superstardom in 1991, but collectors recognized his emerging talent and rookie status. The smooth fielding second baseman went on to have a Hall of Fame career primarily with the Blue Jays and Orioles. Mint condition 1991 Alomar rookies can fetch $20-30 based on his career accomplishments and the card’s scarcity.


Craig Biggio (#161) – Like Alomar, Craig Biggio’s 1991 Donruss card featured him as an up-and-comer early in his career with the Astros. Biggio blossomed into a 7-time All-Star, 3,000 hit club member, and one of the game’s premier leadoff men. His dynamic 20-year tenure in Houston makes this one of the more desirable rookie cards from the set, selling in the $30-40 range.

Tom Glavine (#235) – Though not quite the household name he would become, Tom Glavine had already shown promise as a young lefty for the Braves in 1991. His Hall of Fame career, two Cy Young awards, and iconic Atlanta years propelled interest in his rookie card. Higher grade Glavine ‘91 Donruss cards can reach $40-50.

Cal Ripken Jr. (#276) – By 1991, Cal Ripken Jr. was well on his way to breaking Lou Gehrig’s iconic consecutive games played record. The shortstop/third baseman was a perennial All-Star and two-time AL MVP. His iconic longevity and status as a Baltimore icon give his ‘91 Donruss card strong collectors value around $50-75 graded Mint.


Nolan Ryan (#316) – At age 44, Nolan Ryan was entering the twilight of his remarkable 27-year MLB career in 1991. But “The Ryan Express” remained one of baseball’s most fascinating pitchers, having just notched his record 6th no-hitter the prior season. His iconic status and the dwindling supplies of his older cards has pushed the value of his ‘91 Donruss to $75-100 for top grades.

Ken Griffey Jr. (#324) – The card collecting boom of the late 80s/early 90s was in large part due to the emergence of rookie phenoms like Ken Griffey Jr. After winning AL Rookie of the Year in 1989, “Junior” was already a star attraction in 1991. His elegant swing and effortless talents translated to huge popularity. Pristine Griffey Jr. rookies reach $150-300 now.

Frank Thomas (#356) – While just a rising star in 1991, Frank Thomas announced his arrival as one of the game’s most feared power hitters, slugging 27 home runs and finishing third in MVP voting. “The Big Hurt” went on to have one of the best offensive careers of all time. His impressive rookie season makes this a hotly sought card, grading out around $200-400.


Barry Bonds (#407) – Already a three-time batting champion and perennial All-Star by 1991, Barry Bonds was poised for a massive power surge in the 90s. While some collectors downgrade Bonds cards due to PED implications, his records and natural abilities are undeniable. Near-mint ’91 Bonds can bring in $250-500.

Jeff Bagwell (#458) – While not quite the household name he became, Jeff Bagwell made a huge splash in his 1991 rookie campaign with the Astros. The smooth first baseman clubbed 15 homers and had an .846 OPS that hinted at the superstar he would develop into. Bagwell remained with Houston his whole career, becoming the franchise cornerstone. In high grades, his iconic rookie card reaches $500-1000 today.

While 1991 Donruss lacked the star rookies and flash of earlier sets, it featured many stars of the 1990s still in their prime or just breaking in. Names like Bagwell, Bonds, Griffey Jr., Thomas and the veterans provide collectors plenty of value even from the junk wax era. For Astros, Braves, and childhood nostalgia fans, this set remains a vibrant part of baseball card history.

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