The 2023 Topps baseball card series is one of the most anticipated releases each year from the iconic trading card manufacturer. As the official MLB license holder, Topps produces sets that capture all of the on-field action from the previous season along with rookie cards and special parallels that baseball card collectors eagerly search for. While retail outlets like Walmart and Target will stock the common base cards and value packs, dedicated fans know they must check Target for the best selection of 2023 Topps baseball cards and exclusive releases.

Ever since Major League Baseball began exclusively partnering with Topps in 2020, the retailer Target has served as the exclusive brick-and-mortar partner for special Topps baseball card products. This allows Target locations the chance to offer collectors limited edition parallels, high-end memorabilia boxes, and break cases that contain the biggest rookie cards and star players. Knowing the release date for 2023 Topps at Target is important for any collector trying to track down the hottest new items as soon as they arrive on shelves.

Typically, the first day Topps baseball cards can be found at Target for a given new season is around the second week of January. In 2023, this date falls on Saturday, January 14th. While individual stores may see minor variations, the vast majority of Targets across the United States will launch that day with their shipments of 2023 Topps cards. Dedicated collectors make securing the date off work a top priority to give themselves the best shot at finding the limited stock before it sells out. Others opt to line up early and be among the first inside when the stores open to get first crack at the new year’s releases.


What can fans expect to find among the 2023 Topps baseball stock at Target specifically? The assortment will likely mirror what was seen in 2022, starting with multiple full hobby box breaks of the main series 1 release. These display boxes lined with plastic will contain 36 packs and showcase the base short prints and parallel chase up close. Additional break boxes may feature smaller runs highlighting rookie cards or star hit choices. Value packs, blasters, and fat packs make up the more affordable options perfect for bulk collecting.

Target will also have an exclusive parallel or memorabilia card that can only be found in their packs. Early rumors suggest that for 2023, there will be a red border /23 parallel variant limited to just 23 cards per set of players. These ultra-short printed hits may be hard to come by. High-end items might include a complete set of watch cards featuring a championship team or a signature box containing a game-worn jersey relic and an autographed card from a major star, appealing to big spenders.


While the specific assortments won’t be fully clear until closer to January 2023, collectors can utilize a tried and true preparation strategy. Make a wish list of which 2023 Topps rookies, veterans, and inserts you most want to chase. Then devise a budget ahead of the Target release date that balances the desire to win big cards with financial responsibility. Arrive early and check throughout opening weekend, as restocks are common. Most importantly, enjoy the thrill of the hunt for cardboard greatness that a new year of Topps baseball promises to deliver yet again.

There’s no question that demand for 2023 Topps at Target will be through the roof considering how hot the hobby remains. But don’t give up hope – with patience and planning, even hobby boxes containing coveted rookie phenoms like Oneil Cruz, Bobby Witt Jr. and others can be obtained. And who knows, you may just get lucky by finding one of those exclusive red parallels sitting lonely on the shelf waiting for a good home. The lineup of potential Reward cards ensures the incentive to keep searching retail persists.

While the release schedule remains consistent across all Targets, product availability will fluctuate greatly depending on each specific store’s collector base. Larger metropolitan locations with a denser population tend to receive larger initial shipments but also sell through stock quicker under more competition. Suburban and rural areas may see 2023 Topps lingers longer before shelves empty if the local hobby scene isn’t as intense. Assessing a particular Target’s past performance and demand levels provides insight into chances for continued restocks or better odds on opening weekend.


No trip for 2023 Topps at Target is complete without also scouring the aisles for supplementary supplies. New card sleeves, toploaders, binders and boxes enable proper organization and storage of finds. Nine-pocket pages, magnetic holders and screwdown cases preserve valuable hits. Team bags, sticker albums plus other accessories add to the shopping fun too. Don’t forget to budget additional money for these accompanying materials necessary to build your collection long-term in mint condition.

When January 14th arrives, troops of baseball card collectors will descend upon Targets nationwide on the release date pilgrimage for 2023 Topps. Hours will be spent digging through boxes hoping for that one big pull to make the long wait worthwhile. While there’s always an element of fate involved, those who take a savvy approach give themselves the best shot. May the baseball card Gods bless all hunters with plentiful cardboard to add to their collections for the new year!

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