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Sell your baseball cards online. One of the most common things people do with unwanted baseball card collections is to sell them online. There are several ways you can go about this. You can sell individual high-value cards on auction sites like eBay if you take the time to research each card’s value. For larger collections with lots of common cards, it may be easiest to sell the entire collection as one lot. You can create a listing on eBay describing the estimated number of cards, the years and sets included, and the overall condition. Be sure to take plenty of photos. You’ll likely get a better price selling the collection as one lot rather thanindividually.

Donate your baseball cards to a school or local sports league. Baseball card collecting can be a fun way for kids to learn about the sport and its history. Consider donating your unwanted collection to a local elementary school, middle school, or community sports league like Little League. Teachers may be able to incorporate the cards into lessons or display them for students to look through. Sports leagues could even organize trading card games as an activity. Be sure to get in touch first to make sure they have a use for the donation before dropping it off. You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing the cards went to a good home where they’ll be enjoyed rather than ending up in the trash.

Consign your baseball cards to a local card shop. If you have higher-end cards or a very large collection, a local card shop may be willing to sell the cards for you on consignment. This means the shop would display and market the cards, with an agreed-upon percentage of any sales coming back to you. They have the customer base and expertise to potentially get you a better price than selling entirely on your own. Be prepared for the shop to take a larger cut (often 50%) since they’re doing the work. But it removes the hassle of ongoing online sales for you. Research reputable shops in your area.

Hold a garage sale. Selling baseball cards individually can be quite time-consuming. One option is to have a garage sale and display all the cards together, pricing common cards very affordably and pricing valuable ones a bit higher based on quick research. Advertise it as a baseball card sale to draw collectors. Buyers may snatch up big lots of affordable cards, and you may luck into selling some high-value pieces as well without much effort on your part. Just be prepared for low prices since buyers will expect discounts at a casual sale.

Recycle your baseball cards. As a last resort, if you’ve truly exhausted all sales and donation options for your baseball card collection, responsibly recycling is a better choice than simply throwing cards in the trash. Most paper products like trading cards can be placed in your curbside recycling bin. Check with your local recycling center first, as some may have size or material restrictions. Recycling keeps cards out of landfills and gives their paper materials a second life as new products.

With some extra effort there are usually better options than outright disposal for unwanted baseball card collections. Selling, donating or consigning are good ways to find homes where the cards will provide enjoyment for others, while also having a chance to recoup some value yourself. Holding a sale makes it easy if you want a no-fuss solution. And recycling keeps cards from the landfill as a last choice. With a collection of that size, it’s worth exploring these alternatives to properly divert the cards from the trash.