Selling Baseball Cards in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, New York has a rich sports history as the home of professional baseball, football, and lacrosse teams throughout the years. Not surprisingly, collecting and buying/selling baseball cards has long been a popular hobby among Central New York residents. Whether you have a collection you are looking to sell or are interested in purchasing cards from others locally, Syracuse offers several good options.

One of the top places to buy and sell baseball cards in Syracuse is Baseball Card Emporium, located at 407 South Salina Street in downtown Syracuse. As the name implies, Baseball Card Emporium specializes solely in baseball cards and related memorabilia. Owned by Derek Gendron, who has collected cards for over 30 years, the shop stocks everything from common cards to rare, valuable vintage issues. They buy individual cards or entire collections from customers, paying in cash. Derek and his staff are experts who can give you an accurate appraisal of what your cards are worth. They also regularly post photos of new items purchased on their social media pages so customers know what is currently available for sale. Baseball Card Emporium hosts monthly card shows on Sundays from 10am to 3pm, drawing collectors from all over Central New York. This is a great opportunity to sell cards directly to other buyers and browse thousands of cards from dozens of vendors all under one roof.


Another excellent local resource for buying and selling baseball cards is Fifth Section Sports, located at 412 South Crouse Avenue in Syracuse. Fifth Section Sports is primarily a used sporting goods store but also has a large selection of collectible cards in all major sports. Owner Jim Jones and his staff have evaluated and purchase entire personal collections before and can give you a fair cash offer. They especially seek high-end, valuable vintage cards to resell in their store and at card shows. Fifth Section Sports also has case upon case of cards already sorted and priced that customers can browse through. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your hobby, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for among the massive inventory.

Online options also exist for Central New York residents wanting to buy and sell locally without visiting a physical shop. The Facebook group “Syracuse NY Area Sports Card Buy/Sell/Trade” has over 800 members actively posting cards for sale or trade. This is a excellent local marketplace to potentially find that one card you’ve been searching for and sell duplicate cards from your collection. You can also utilize popular sites like eBay and promote your listings as local pickup only in the Syracuse area to reach collectors in your community. Be sure to clearly list all relevant details like player, year, condition and include photos for transparency. Meeting online buyers in a public, central location provides safety for all parties involved.


Another good resource for researching recent baseball card sales prices locally is watching the weekly sports card auctions held by Grothusen Auctions of Central New York. They auction hundreds of individual cards and lots every Thursday evening live online and accept phone bids. Later, a detailed sales results report is posted detailing every lot sold, the final selling price and buyer’s premium. This allows collectors to gauge the current market value of specific players, years and conditions when looking to set your own asking prices. While you can’t directly sell to Grothusen, seeing their auction trends is a helpful tool.

For those ready to liquidate larger baseball card collections, You can potentially reach more serious, paying collectors through larger auctions houses within driving distance of Syracuse as well. Both and Heritage Auctions host major card auctions throughout the year with worldwide online bidding that could maximize the dollars returned from your collection sale. Both companies will arrange free at-home consultations to evaluate your collection and provide recommendations on reserve pricing if you choose to directly consign cards to one of their future auctions. Just be aware they’ll charge seller’s commissions/buyer’s premiums on the final sale price.


Whether you have a few duplicate cards or an extensive collection to sell, the Syracuse area offers local options through dedicated hobby shops, collector groups, auctions and online marketplaces. Doing your research on current market trends and pricing will help achieve the best possible return. With a bit of effort, the baseball cards collecting your basement can be transformed into cash to fund your next collecting pursuits.

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