Rickey Henderson is widely considered one of the greatest leadoff hitters and base stealers in Major League Baseball history. Known as the “Man of Steal”, Henderson holds the single season and career stolen base records. His elite speed and base running prowess during his 25 year MLB career from 1979 to 2003 have made his baseball cards some of the most sought after and valuable from the late 20th century. Whether you’re a collector looking to add to your collection or a Henderson fan wanting a piece of baseball history, here is an in-depth overview of some of the best Rickey Henderson baseball cards currently available for sale on the secondary market.

1981 Topps Rickey Henderson Rookie Card (RC): Henderson’s rookie card from his debut 1981 season with the Oakland A’s is one of the trueIcons of the hobby. Features a beautiful action shot of the young speedster demonstrating his elite base running abilities. Graded gem mint 10 examples regularly sell for thousands given the card’s iconic status as one of the best RCs of the early 1980s set. Even well-worn copies still trade hands frequently despite the card’s age. For collectors, owning a certified copy of Henderson’s RC is a pinnacle achievement and solid investment in the long run.

1982 Topps Traded Rickey Henderson: Not technically a true “traded” card since it was distributed through the main 1982 Topps set rather than specially issued, this alternate portrait of Henderson established itself as equally coveted by collectors. Pictures Rickey in his classic crouched leadoff stance ready to burst from the box. Prices range greatly depending on condition but graded mint 9s can sell for over $1000 still. Another must-own for any serious Henderson PC.

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1983 Topps Rickey Henderson: Featuring a spectacular action shot of Rickey about to steal third, the 1983 is arguably the best regular season card issued during Henderson’s playing career. High grade versions command sums well into the four figures given the card’s exquisite photography and subject’s increasing popularity entering his prime. Even well-worn raw copies are relatively affordable starting around $50-75.

1984 Topps Rickey Henderson: Pictures a smiling Henderson signaling safe at home plate, the 1984 continues Topps’ streak of outstanding Rickey cards. While not as iconic as some of his other issues, it remains a cornerstone for any Henderson PC and an affordable option for most collectors. Mint condition copies can usually be found for $100-150.

1987 Topps Traded Rickey Henderson: As Henderson was rewriting the single season stolen base record book in 1987 with over 100 thefts, Topps rushed this traded insert into production. It shows Rickey stealing yet another base with the unique horizontal front creating a dramatic action shot. Near the pinnacle for any serious Henderson collection and regularly trades for $500-1000 based on grade.

1990 Score #70 Rickey Henderson: Arguably the most visually striking Henderson card ever released with its magnificent close-up portrait featuring his familiar crouched leadoff stance. Considered the crown jewel by many collectors with pristine copies selling over $2000. Even well-centered but lower graded copies still easily fetch $400-500.


1992 Topps Gold Resurgent Rickey Henderson: Striking gold parallel commemorating Henderson’s return to the A’s in 1992 after an injury plagued season in Toronto the year prior. Limited print run of only /1992 copies makes this one ultra desirable for advanced collectors. Even well-worn raw versions still trade in the $100-200 range for the elusive gold parallel “hit”.

1993 Upper Deck #405 Rickey Henderson: Gorgeous action shot of Rickey in full sprint toward an extra base, set upon a dramatic sunset painted background evoking Henderson’s blazing speed. Near-perfect grades command multiple thousands but more modestly graded versions are still a worthwhile pickup for $200-400 depending on exact condition.

1994 Leaf Signature Collection Rickey Henderson Autograph: Elite autograph parallel from the premium Leaf brand’s first signature set featuring a swatch of Henderson’s blue and gold Dodger uniform along with his prized John Hancock. Extremely rare autos from the mid-90s player collection era make this particular card iconic for Henderson autograph PC’s. Pristine BGS/PSA 10 graded copies have traded for nearly $10,000 at auction in recent years.

2000 Topps Heritage Overview Rickey Henderson: Paying tribute to Henderson’s amazing MLB longevity and records, this intricate career overview highlights over a dozen key moments on one card. Extremely scarce in high grades and among the best modern era cards honoring Rickey’s prolific career. Consistently goes for $300-500 in mint condition.


2003 Upper Deck Goodbye Rickey #43: Poignant send off card issued after Henderson’s final season at age 40 with the Padres and Dodgers. Showcases Henderson’s iconic leadoff stance inscribed with farewell messages from baseball legends and colleagues. Highly collectible for newer era Henderson fans with PSA/BGS 10 specimens potentially worth over $1000 long term.

As one can see, Rickey Henderson has had such an amazing MLB career and collecting history that virtually any card from his 25 seasons is worthwhile for collectors or fans alike. While some of the premier vintage issues may be out of reach financially, many high quality singles and complete sets can still be obtained with patience and diligence for reasonable sums. Henderson collectors are some of the most passionate in the hobby and owning pieces of this all-time great’s legacy is sure to be a sound long term investment alongside sheer enjoyment for any baseball card enthusiast. Hunting down Rickey Henderson’s vast print runs across all of his decades in the sport is a quest that can provide endless fun and value into the future.

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