The 2017 Topps baseball card set featured several key rookie cards and short printed parallels that have the potential to become extremely valuable in the years to come. While it’s still relatively early, some 2017 Topps cards are already beginning to gain recognition among collectors as future gems. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the rarest 2017 Topps cards that could end up being long-term treasures.

One of the hottest rookie cards from 2017 was the Aaron Judge base card. Judge’s monster 52-home run rookie season with the New York Yankees turned him into a superstar and immediately made his Topps rookie desirable. While the base card has a good sized print run north of 10,000 copies, low-numbered parallels and autographs of Judge have already started fetching big money. His /5 gold parallel regularly brings over $1,000 on auction sites. The ultra-rare Premier Level diamond parallel, limited to /1, would be worth a small fortune if it ever became available. Judge autographed rookie cards also demand premium prices thanks to his popularity.


Another Yankees rookie who dazzled in 2017 was Clint Frazier. While he didn’t have Judge’s immediate stats, Frazier has five-tool talent that could make his cards valuable long-term. His base is somewhat plentiful now but rarenumbered versions are already beginning to gain collector interest. Ones numbered to /75 or less command four-figure prices. Likewise, autographed Frazier rookies hold strong value. The 2017 update issues of both Judge and Frazier are also burgeoning rookie ticket items.

Cody Bellinger exploded onto the scene for the Dodgers in 2017 and quickly proved himself as a true star. As a result, his Topps rookie is a must-have for Dodgers PC collectors. While print runs stayed normal, parallels like the /70 blue have begun appreciating. Autographs also carry premiums due to his accomplishments. Like Judge, a one-of-one Bellinger parallel could potentially end up as a true high-dollar asset in the long run for whichever collector owns it.

Many others from the 2017 rookie class have cards showing promise. Red Sox sensation Rafael Devers has created buzz, especially for numbered and autographed variations of his rookie. Astros star Alex Bregman also made his mark right away, driving keen collector interest in low-print Bregman cards from ‘17 Topps. Even players who didn’t debut until later like Yankees’ stud Gleyber Torres have key rookie cards that could boom with a strong career.


The 2017 Update Series featured short prints of veteran superstars, and some have already elevated in value. Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant had an ultra-tough Black Border parallel limited to a mere 10 copies. Any one that surfaces on the resale market would command an astronomical price from a starved Bryant PC collector. Likewise, a simple base card of Cubs phenom Willson Contreras from Update holds appeal since it was one of only a handful issued after his breakout season.

Topps also had some surprises with highly limited parallels in the standard base set. Perhaps most infamously was a one-of-one “Marvel” parallel of Yankees hurler Luis Severino which featured Captain America artwork. Whoever owns that true anomaly holds a true cornerstone for any collection. Series 2 also had an extremely short printed Alex Reyes blue parallel limited to just 5 copies. Any of these under-10 parallel cards could escalate to six-figure status if they get into the right collector’s hands down the road.


Finally, Topps Finest and Topps Chrome introduced some dazzling new parallel designs for 2017. The Finest versions featured embedded “hit” patches showing statistics. As results, specific “hits” become intensely collected. Also, First Pitch autographs like Miguel Sano in Topps Chrome hold immense potential appreciation. Being one of the scarcest autographed parallels out there, premier Sano examples could enter truly expensive territory with more of his career achievements.

While still in the early going, the 2017 Topps baseball product line debuted a bevy of rare cards that offer potential for huge returns. Savvy investors are already pursuing some of these esoteric pieces. In the coming years, as the careers of young stars develop further and nostalgia grows, several 2017 cards could emerge as true blue-chip collectibles. With rarities like short prints, one-of-ones, and star rookies and parallels, it remains a fun set to follow.

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