Nick Markakis has had a long and productive major league career spanning over 15 seasons. As a result, Markakis has been featured on numerous baseball cards throughout his time in the big leagues. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the most notable Nick Markakis baseball cards from over the years.

Markakis was selected in the first round of the 2003 MLB Draft by the Baltimore Orioles. In 2006, he made his MLB debut with the O’s and Topps captured his rookie card that year. The 2006 Topps Nick Markakis rookie card is considered one of his most valuable. It shows Markakis swinging a bat in an Orioles uniform with his rookie stats on the back. This card holds sentimental value for many collectors as it was Markakis’ first appearance in the annual Topps set at the start of what became a fine MLB career. The 2006 Topps Markakis rookie typically sells for between $10-30 depending on the condition and version (base, short print, etc.).

In 2008, Markakis broke out with career highs of 23 home runs and 102 RBIs while batting .306. This breakout season earned him inclusion inUpper Deck’s Sweet Spot Signature Series set. The 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Nick Markakis card features an on-card autograph of Markakis in black and silver ink. Only 99 copies were produced, making this one of his scarcest signed cards. When available, it commonly fetches $300 or more on the secondary market. Markakis continued his strong production over the next few seasons, resulting in regular appearances across base sets from Topps, Upper Deck, and other card companies.


A notable Markakis card from 2012 was produced after he signed a lucrative six-year, $66.1 million contract extension to remain with the Orioles prior to the season. Topps commemorated the new deal with a “Contract Year” Markakis card in their 2012 Topps Diamond Anniversary set. The photo features Markakis swinging with a “Contract Extension” banner across it. While not quite as scarce or valuable as some of his other rare cards, the 2012 Topps Diamond Markakis stands out for capturing a meaningful moment of his career with the O’s.

When Markakis hit free agency after the 2013 season, he signed a four-year, $44 million deal with the Atlanta Braves. His first season with the Braves in 2015 was marked by a career-high in batting average at .304. Topps honored this statistical achievement with a “Hit King” parallel card in their 2015 Topps Series 2 set featuring Markakis’ new team in a regal crown graphic. The “Hit King” parallel cards were limited to only 15 copies, making the 2015 Topps Hit King Nick Markakis one of his few “hit” parallel cards under 25 copies produced. They sell for around $250-350 depending on condition.


After eight seasons with the Orioles and four with the Braves, Markakis remains a productive veteran outfielder. He’s continued placing his name and likeness into new baseball card releases through annual base sets with Topps, Panini, Leaf, and others. Many collectors and fans consider his early Orioles rookie and breakout years for Topps and Upper Deck to house some of the more iconic and historically significant Nick Markakis cards. With over 3,000 career hits to date, Markakis has built a solid resume that baseball card companies have frequently commemorated over the years. His various rookie cards and special parallels document the interesting stages of a fine MLB career spanning parts of three different decades.


In summary, Nick Markakis enjoyed a lengthy MLB career that made him a fixture in baseball card sets for over 15 years. Cards highlighting his rookie season with the Orioles, breakout years producing for Baltimore, contract extension, and career achievements for the Braves are among the most noteworthy in collectors’ eyes. While many of his base cards remain fairly attainable, some of the signed, parallel, and serially numbered versions have grown quite scarce and valuable for dedicated Markakis card fans. His playing career may be winding down, but Markakis will remain a staple in the collections of Orioles, Braves, and general baseball card aficionados for years to come.

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