The release of Topps’ 2023 baseball card products has collectors excited to see what rare, valuable rookie cards and memorabilia cards hit the market. As with every year, a few super-precious gems emerge that command astronomical prices in the secondary market. Let’s take a look at some of the priciest Topps 2023 baseball cards that are already fetching big bucks from collectors.

Topping the list is a card that was somewhat expected – the Juan Soto rainbow foil parallel. Soto’s move from the Nationals to the Padres in a blockbuster trade during the 2022 season renewed interest and excitement around one of baseball’s brightest young stars. His Topps cards always sell for high dollars due to his age (23 years old), talent, and marketability. The Soto rainbow foil parallel from 2023 Update Series is numbered to only /50 copies. Within a week of release, PWCC Marketplace had one listed at $6,999. It’s likely the price will climb higher as the product continues selling out and more rainbow parallels don’t appear.

AnotherUpdate Series card driving up prices is the Judge Anderson Mesa rookie parallel. While Mesa isn’t a household MLB name yet, he’s considered a top pitching prospect in the Braves organization. His /75 parallel from Update sold for $1,300 only days after release. Mesa mania could continue heating up depending on how he performs early in his MLB career. Experts say any proven ace rookie from the Braves tends to attract huge collector interest long-term.


Rookies from the National League East always grab attention in Topps products as well. One that has stood out so far is the Brent Honeywell Jr. Contenders parallel from Update. Honeywell is attempting a comeback with the Nationals after serious arm injuries derailed his prospect status with the Rays years ago. His /75 parallel changed hands for a staggering $2,995 – showing collectors have faith in Honeywell’s ability to potentially rebuild value if he can stick in the Show. With his story of perseverance in overcoming health setbacks, interest in his rookie cards could persist for a while.

Perhaps the priciest multi-player card from 2023 Topps so far is a legendary one – a /5 printing plate of the “Dr. Strangebros” parallel featuring Anthony Rizzo and J.D. Martinez from Update Series. This one-of-a-kind memorabilia card evoking the famous “Strange Cousins” sketch from SNL snapped up for a cool $6,250. The absurdly low serial number and the hilarity of the “Strangebros'” viral nickname during Red Sox wins combined to make this a true collector’s piece for anyone who can afford it.


Shifting to the flagship Topps base set, the most expensive regular rookie as of now is a Gem Mint PSA 10 Garrett Mitchell from the Brewers. Mitchell made his MLB debut in 2022 and immediately impressed with above-average speed and defense in center field. A single Mitchell PSA 10 already reached $799 on eBay – a landmark price for a standard base rookie in the initial weeks after the product hit shelves. Mitchell mania is just getting started in Topps World as collectors anticipate him becoming a breakout star for Milwaukee.

Topps Heritage has also unleashed some costly newbies so far in 2023. Headlining Heritage rookies is a Bobby Witt Jr. parallel numbered /199 that changed hands twice, with the last transaction at $999.99. Anyone following the sport knows Witt Jr.’s stellar rookie campaign with the Royals made him one of the most hyped young shortstops in the game. Attaching his name to a short-print parallel was bound to spike collector enthusiasm and pricing.


On the vintage side of Heritage, a rookie ticket parallel of Cardinals outfielder Alex Call has also found fans willing to spend. Listed at $650 on eBay, the /250 Call rookie ticket highlights how collectors value potential breakout players on storied MLB franchises. If Call becomes an impact bat in St. Louis’ lineup, his Heritage rookies may only increase in regard.

In the month since Topps 2023 first arrived, the prevailing theme has been young stars and prospects driving the highest prices on the resale market. Soto, Judge Mesa, and Mitchell have led the way in Update Series, while Witt Jr. and Call emerged as Heritage desirables. It will be interesting to see which new faces, parallels and memorabilia pieces establish themselves as true blue-chip investments over the long term. Topps’ annual offerings always unearth hidden gems that later reward card geeks. Stay tuned for more expensive 2023 rookies to emerge throughout the new year.

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