Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson is considered one of the greatest athletic stars of all time due to his impressive success in both baseball and football. While his NFL career was cut short due to a devastating hip injury in 1991, Jackson left an indelible mark on baseball card collecting before his baseball career ended in 1994 as well. Several of Bo Jackson’s rookie and prized baseball cards have broken auction records and rank among the most valuable cards ever sold. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the priciest and most sought-after Bo Jackson baseball cards.

The crown jewel of Bo Jackson’s baseball card collection and perhaps the single most valuable baseball card ever sold is his 1986 Topps Traded rookie card (#126). In August 2021, a PSA Gem Mint 10 graded copy of this ultra-rare card was auctioned off by PWCC and shattered all-time auction records by selling for an astounding $657,250. At the time, it was the highest price ever paid for a baseball card in history. Only 125 copies of this card were printed, making it one of the true holy grails for any serious baseball card collector. The card captures Jackson in his Seattle Mariners uniform during his short stint in their farm system before being traded to the Kansas City Royals. Its extreme rarity and subject’s iconic status as a dual-sport star cemented this ’86 Topps Traded card as the new king of the hobby.


Another immensely valuable Bo Jackson rookie is his 1989 Upper Deck Baseball #1 card. Only about 50 of these cards were ever produced, and they are considered the truest rookie cards for Jackson since they feature him as a member of the Kansas City Royals, the team he debuted with in the majors in 1986. A PSA 9 copy of this ultra-rare rookie sold for $273,500 in a February 2021 Goldin Auctions sale. Even raw ungraded versions in Excellent-Mint condition commonly sell for six figures due to the extreme scarcity of these Upper Deck cards. The low print run and high demand from collectors looking to own an actual Bo Jackson rookie places this as the second most valuable card in his collection.


Other major cards that routinely break records include Jackson’s 1989 Topps Traded Baseball card (#91T), which is viewed as one of his main “action shot” cards depicting him playing for the Royals. A PSA 10 “Gem Mint” copy sold for $99,000 in January 2022, demonstrating the immense worth of high-grade versions of this popular card. Likewise, his 1989 Topps Baseball #1 rookie card is revered by collectors despite a much larger print run compared to the Upper Deck issue. A PSA 10 sold for $72,300 in October 2021, again proving pristine graded examples will fetch huge sums. These action-packed cards portraying Jackson at the height of his baseball abilities never seem to lose value no matter the economic climate.


Aside from rookie cards, collectors also covet Jackson’s finest collection cards highlighting his exceptional in-game feats. His 1989 Topps Traded Football/Baseball multi-sport subset featuring him in a football

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