The 2013 Topps Baseball card release featured some of the most sought after and valuable rookie cards in recent years. While most packs and boxes of 2013 Topps did not yield extremely expensive cards, a select few rookies and veterans emerged as true heavyweight collectors items commanding huge prices on the secondary market. Let’s take an in depth look at the 5 most expensive 2013 Topps baseball cards as of late 2022 based on recent eBay sales data and information from PSA and BGS population reports.

Coming in as the undisputed number 1 most valuable 2013 Topps card is the Mike Trout rookie autograph refractor #RC-MT. Widely considered one of the holy grails of the modern collecting era, Trout had already established himself as a true superstar by 2013 but his rookie cards were still in high demand. Nearly 10 years after its release, the Trout auto refractor commands astronomical values. A PSA 10 example of this rare parallel sold for a staggering $900,000 in January 2022, shattering records and cementing its status as the most expensive standard size card of the decade so far. Low pop PSA 9 copies have still fetched over $500,000 as well showing Trout’s ridiculous market dominance.


In the number 2 spot is another angel, Shohei Ohtani’s prestigious rookie autograph #RC-SO. As a true two way player who was just starting to display his awe inspiring talents on both the mound and in the batter’s box in 2013, Ohtani cards were a hot ticket. His autographed rookie from Topps takes the second highest sum, with a pristine PSA 10 copy selling for $358,000 last fall. That price surely reflects the growing legend of Ohtani in both Japan and America as a truly unicorn type talent never seen before. Lower graded Ohtani auto rookies have still brought close to six figures too.

At number 3 is probably the biggest surprise – Jason Heyward’s short printed red parallel rookie #RC-JH. Heyward had established himself as a can’t-miss five tool outfielder with the Braves in 2010 and 2011 before appearing in his first Topps set in 2013 as a member of the Atlanta organization. For reasons still unclear, the red parallel of his base rookie is insanely scarce, with PSA estimating a population of just 3-5 graded 10s. A true 1/1 that recently went for $220,000. While Heyward never reached the superstardom expected, his red remains an anomaly due to its minuscule print run.


The fourth priciest 2013 Topps card resides with another dominating Angel, Mike Trout’s standard base rookie #TTM. Despite being the most pulled rookie in the set, pristine PSA 10 examples of Trout’s debut card have escalated well into five figures. One mint copy achieved $195,000 last year. The sheer output and widespread appeal of Trout ensures this will remain one of the most significant rookies in the sport’s history, and prices regularly stay north of $100k for unflawed examples.

Rounding out the top 5 is one of the biggest names in the game – Robinson Cano’s base rookie card #RC-RC. Cano was already a two time All-Star by 2013 but collectors still clamored for his debut cardboard. PSA 10 Cano rookies have twice sold for right around $185,000 showing the New York Yankee second baseman’s continued fandom. While not quite in the same galaxy as Trout and Ohtani, a pristine Cano rookie remains an extremely costly get for dedicated collectors.


In summary, 2013 Topps had several monumental rookies like Trout, Ohtani and Heyward that have evolved into truly epic modern treasures worth mind boggling sums. Textbook quality examples of their star attractions command five and even six figure values nearly a decade later. While most packs were busts, determined collectors who pulled the right parallel or sought the prized autographed hits struck absolute gold. 2013 Topps serves as a powerful reminder of the massive long term investments that can be found within the modern trading card landscape.

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