The 1992 Pinnacle brand set the standard for high-end baseball cards in the early 1990s. While sets like Topps and Fleer dominated the mainstream market, Pinnacle established itself as the premium brand with its superb photography and creative card designs. Not surprisingly, some of the rarest and most valuable modern-era cards can be found in the 1992 Pinnacle release. Let’s examine the top five priciest cards from this iconic set.

Kicking off our list at number five is the George Brett Pinnacle Golden Moments autograph card. Only 25 of these autographed parallel cards exist and they feature a stunning photograph of Brett rounding third base. In mint condition, this rare autograph card often fetches upwards of $5,000. Collectors love the classic image of Brett and limited parallel autographed cards from the 90s era are always in high demand.

At number four is perhaps the most well-known short print from 1992 Pinnacle – the Kirby Puckett Gold Border SP card. Puckett was arguably the biggest star in baseball during the early 90s and his Gold Border parallel was one of only 50 produced. Grading a near mint to mint 8-9, a Puckett Gold Border regularly sells between $5,000-$7,000. The extreme scarcity and subject of one of the game’s top players makes this Kirby Puckett short print an iconic piece for any serious collector.


Next up at number three is the Nolan Ryan Pinnacle Golden Moments autograph parallel. Like Brett’s aforementioned card, only 25 of Ryan’s autograph parallels were inserted into packs making it exceptionally rare. Its striking photo image of Ryan’s famous delivery and glittering autograph also adds tremendous appeal. A pristine mint example can draw bids over $8,000. As one of the rare autograph cards featuring a Hall of Famer, it’s undoubtedly among the most coveted cards from ’92 Pinnacle.

Now we reach the top two spots, starting with the Cal Ripken Jr. Golden Moments autograph parallel at number two. Ripken embodied consistency and excellence during his epic consecutive games streak, making any rare parallel of his hugely desirable. Only a single digit number of his autographed Gold Moment parallel exists, ensuring bids reach the stratosphere. In a PSA/DNA Gem Mint 10 holder, Ripken’s autograph has sold for as much as $15,000 in recent years. It’s hard to imagine a card being more scarce or featuring a more revered player from this legendary release.


And at the very pinnacle, number one on our list is none other than the Mike Piazza Golden Moments autograph parallel card. Like the other three autograph parallels highlighted, Piazza’s was absurdly limited to approximately 25 produced copies or less. What truly separates it is two key factors – the monster talent of Piazza, who would go on to become a Hall of Famer, and the incredible timing. 1992 marked Piazza’s rookie season and his autograph was captured just as he was bursting onto the scene. Very few cards existed chronicling a player at the earliest stages of a career that would see them inducted in Cooperstown. All of those factors have combined to make Piazza’s ’92 autograph the Holy Grail for Pinnacle collectors, often hitting astronomical prices upwards of $20,000 for top conditioned specimens. It’s little wonder this singularly rare Mike Piazza rookie year autograph sits alone at the very top of the most valuable 1992 Pinnacle baseball card rankings.


The 1992 Pinnacle set launched the brand as the cream of the crop for premium baseball cards during the early ’90s trading card boom. Featuring unprecedented parallels, inserts and autographs of the games biggest stars, it established itself as one of the most important modern issues. As time has passed, the ultra low print runs of certain inserts have made specimens like the Golden Moments autographs profiled here true untouchables for all but the most well-heeled collectors. Capturing the iconic players and moments just as they were occurring, 1992 Pinnacle has proven to stand the test of time as one of the all-time great releases. Its rarest gems continue to smash records and surpass any estimates when they do surface for sale. For sheer scarcity, creativity and quality of photography and subject matter, ’92 Pinnacle set the standard that all high-end releases since have been judged by.

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