Mike Trout autographed baseball cards are among the most highly coveted and valuable modern autograph cards in the hobby. Trout has established himself as one of the greatest players of all-time in just his first decade in Major League Baseball. His prodigious talent and production on the field have translated to immense popularity and demand for his autographed memorabilia, including his cards.

Trout was drafted 25th overall by the Los Angeles Angels in the 2009 MLB Draft out of high school in New Jersey. He made his MLB debut in 2011 at just 19 years old and immediately began turning heads with his five-tool skillset. Although he played in only 40 games that first season, Trout finished second in AL Rookie of the Year voting and established himself as a budding superstar.

In 2012, Trout fully broke out in his first full MLB season. He batted .326 with 30 home runs, 83 RBIs, and 49 stolen bases. Amazingly, he led the American League in runs scored with 129 despite batting leadoff for much of the season. Trout won the AL Rookie of the Year and MVP awards that year unanimously, becoming just the third player ever to do so.


At just 21 years old, Trout was already cementing his status as a modern great. He has not slowed down since, continuing to put up video game-like numbers year after year. Some incredible stats and milestones Trout has achieved in his career so far include: two-time AL MVP (2014, 2016), eight-time AL All-Star, best career WAR of any player through age 25 season, four top-2 MVP finishes, and four top-2 finishes in AL batting titles.

Trout’s legendary on-field production and routine feats have made him a figure on par with the likes of Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays to many baseball fans and collectors. As a result, his autographed cards from every season hold immense significance and value on the autograph memorabilia market. Here are some details on the most desirable and valuable Trout autographed baseball cards:

2009 Bowman Draft Chrome Mike Trout Auto BGS 9.5: This ultra-rare rookie card autographed by Trout fresh out of the draft is about as iconic as it gets for Angels fans and collectors. Numbered to just 99 copies, PSA/BGS Gem Mint 9.5 examples have sold for upwards of $80,000 in recent years due to the incredible rarity, condition, and significance of the signature.


2012 Topps Mike Trout Auto PSA/DNA 10: As Trout’s true rookie card from his breakout AL RoP/MVP season, the 2012 Topps base card is extremely widespread yet still highly valuable with his autograph. PSA/DNA Perfect 10 quality slabs usually sell for $10,000-15,000 due to the eye-popping grade. Slightly lower graded examples in PSA 9-9.5 can be had for $5,000-10,000 still.

2013 Topps Mike Trout Autograph BGS 9.5: The beauty of Trout’s sophomore card is that it captures him in an Angels uniform during his ascension into full-fledged superstardom. High-end Mint BGS 9.5+10 slabs command $5,000-10,000 given how cleanly the autos usually grade on these cards. Less expensive PSA 9 options exist around $3,000-4,000 too.

2014 Topps Mike Trout Auto PSA 10: Trout’s first AL MVP season remains one of the most famous in recent Angels history. Pristine PSA 10 examples are very tough to track down under $4,000-5,000 due to the perfect condition and significance of the year. Even raw unsigned copies from this set sell for hundreds.


Aside from his main Topps flagship cards, some other notable Trout autographed cards that can also reach the thousands include:

2012 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout Auto BGS 9.5/10: Trout’s first Bowman Sterling design was low-printed and captures his breakout on luxurious silver parallels.

2014 Topps Update Mike Trout Mini Bat Knob Auto PSA 10: Contains rare “relic” material from Trout embedded in this mini-sized flagship card.

2016 Topps Allen & Ginter Mike Trout Script Auto BGS 9.5/10: Uses an elegant autograph style in a very limited insert set.

As Trout continues cementing his Hall of Fame case and chasing milestones, the demand and appreciation for every aspect of his prodigious career will surely increase over time. His autographed cards from his magical rookie year up to present day will undoubtedly remain among the most legendary modern investments and collectibles in the hobby for decades to come. With Trout still in his early 30s playing at an MVP level, there is plenty of magic left for new autographed memorabilia to be added to the prestigious list.

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