Kyle Harrison is one of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball and his trading cards have rapidly increased in value in recent years as his prospect stock has risen. Born in 2001 in Huntsville, Alabama, Harrison was selected with the third overall pick in the 2019 MLB Draft by the San Francisco Giants out of high school. While he hasn’t made his MLB debut yet, Harrison has blown away Minor League hitters and has scouts drooling over his upside. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most valuable Kyle Harrison baseball cards on the hobby.

One of the first Kyle Harrison cards collectors rushed to get their hands on was his 2019 Topps Draft Picks rookie card. Topps is generally the first major card company to release rookie cards for top MLB Draft selections, so Harrison’s Draft Picks card was capturing his first bow in professional baseball. While Draft Picks cards are usually cheap par for the course, Harrison’s potential and draft slot drove the value of this card up quickly. PSA 10 gem mint copies of his Topps Draft Picks rookie now sell for $100-150 regularly on the secondary market. SGC and BGS 9.5 graded versions go for $75-100 showing strong, early demand for his rookie issue.

Harrison’s true flagship rookie card came in 2020 with Topps Chrome. As one of the premier baseball card brands, Topps Chrome is where many collectors look to obtain true rookie cards of top prospects. Harrison’s 2020 Topps Chrome rookie became a hot ticket upon release as fans clamored to own the earliest mass-produced card of the blossoming pitching star. With stellar on-field performances since, PSA 10 copies of Harrison’s Topps Chrome now easily top $300-400 in sales. Even raw, ungraded versions in mint condition pull in $150-250 in transactions. For the cream of the crop graded 9.5 BGS or SGC versions, pricing falls in the $200-300 area. It’s clear Harrison’s Topps Chrome rookie has staying power in the high-end prospect collecting scene.


While not quite as acclaimed as his Topps rookies, Kyle Harrison also had a strong showing in 2020 Bowman Draft. As the dedicated MLB Draft set each year, Bowman is where many look to find rookie cards of players not in the major league level yet. As one of the biggest names from the 2019 Draft class, Harrison had multiple prized cards in 2020 Bowman Draft including its base rookie, paper /150 red refractors, and autographed parallels. Even Harrison’s common Bowman Draft base RC holds steady resale value around the $30-50 mark in gem mint condition. It’s some of the more scarce serial numbered and autographed variations that really pop in value. Harrison’s /150 red refractor pulls between $100-150 on the grading circuit while a recent PSA 10 copy of his autographed purple refractor skyrocketed to $700 in auction. As one of the scarcer modern parallels available, Harrison’s autographed Bowman Draft cards consistently soar past $300-400 depending on parallel and condition.


Within the first two years of his pro career, Kyle Harrison had already established himself as one of the most valuable short-print and serial numbered rookies in the hobby. However, 2021 was truly a breakout campaign that took his card prices to new heights. After striking out 148 batters in just 93.1 innings pitched between Low-A and High-A ball, Harrison was named the Giants Minor League Pitcher of the Year. Statlines like that plus yearly prospect rank rises saw renewed fervor for his limited edition cards. One that stands out is his 2021 Bowman Chrome Green refractor /99. Still considerably scarce on the population report, PSA 10 Green parallels easily clear $500-700 and even raw mint copies pull $300. Another winner from ’21 Bowman Chrome was Harrison’s Rainbow Foil /150 parallel. Graded gem copies smash $400-600 consistently while raw versions settle in the $200-300 range.

Harrison continued his meteoric ascent up prospect charts into 2022, cementing his status as a top 10 prospect in all of baseball. While injured for much of the season, card collectors remained fixated on his flagship rookies and rainbow refractors. Perhaps none have gained more acclaim than his 2022 Topps Archives Red Foil autograph parallel numbered /250. As one of the premier Archives serial numbered inserts available, PSA 10 specimens of Harrison’s red auto changed hands for an eye popping $1,200 this summer. Even raw DG prints pull in $800-1000 bids. His 2022 Topps Fire RedWave autograph parallel /299 also exploded this year. Pristine PSA 10 specimens reached past $900 at auction showing no signs of slowing down. Needless to say, any rare parallels and autographs from Harrison’s early years hold tremendous long term potential as fans and investors speculate on his eventual breakout.


While injuries delayed Kyle Harrison’s MLB debut in 2022, his dazzling minor league success and elite prospect pedigree leave little doubt about his future stardom. As one of the most coveted young arms in baseball, Harrison’s collection of premier rookie cards from Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Archives, and more have predictably followed an upwards trajectory. Whether its his earliest flagship rookies, serial numbered refractors, or coveted on-card autographs, Harrison pieces command top dollar in today’s market. With continued strong performances still ahead in his career, Harrison collecting seems virtually recession proof making now an ideal time for strategic additions. As a true five-tool pitching talent, expect Harrison’s cards to retain blue chip status for years to come.

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