Finding the Right Subreddits to Sell Baseball Cards

The first step is identifying the major subreddits dedicated to sports cards and selling collectibles on Reddit. Some of the biggest ones are:

r/sports card – This is one of the largest generic sports card trading communities on Reddit with over 160k members. It allows both posts trying to trade or sell cards.

r/baseballcards – Dedicated specifically to baseball cards, this subreddit has over 115k members. Both trading and selling posts are welcome here.

r/pkmntcgtrades – While focused on Pokemon TCG, this subreddit’s model could also work for baseball cards. It has over 115k members.

r/tradingcardcommunity – A smaller community at just under 5k members but still another option for trying to sell baseball cards.

In addition to these general sports/trading card subreddits, you may also want to try subs specific to certain players, teams, or decades of cards you are trying to sell. For example, subs like r/Dodgers or r/1980sBaseballCards .

Taking High-Quality Photos of Your Baseball Cards

Once you’ve identified potential subreddits, it’s time to photograph the actual cards you want to sell. High-quality, well-lit photos are essential to attracting buyers. Some tips:

Use a smartphone or digital camera on a flat surface with ample natural lighting from a window. Avoid shadows or harsh direct light.


Frame the full front of the card in focus without any glare or fingerprints visible.

For rare/valuable cards, also take detailed close-up photos of any defects, statings, or areas of concern. This builds trust.

Organize similar cards together in an album or Google photo folder to easily share via link in your Reddit post.

Consider investing in a light box if you plan to regularly sell cards to ensure consistently great photos.

Writing an Attention-Grabbing Reddit Post

Now you’re ready to compose your actual Reddit post. The key things to include are:

A clear, descriptive title stating what cards you have for sale. Include the sport, players, sets, etc.

The first line or two should summarize the main highlights without requiring clicking through.

Use bold, italic or unique formatting occasionally to draw the eye to important details.

Include a direct link to the photo album of all the cards. Don’t clutter the post with individual images.

List the name, year, condition, and price for each card. Note if you’re flexible on price or willing to consider trades.

Mention the payment methods you accept (PayPal Goods & Services usually recommended on Reddit).


State your willingness to provide more photos upon request and ship securely/promptly once payment is received.

Disclose your shipping costs/location up front rather than making buyers ask. USPS First Class usually a safe default.

End by requesting any questions and to check your profile for feedback/previous sales to build trust.

Following Up, Tracking Sales, and Repeat Posts

After posting your listing, check back periodically to answer any questions from potential buyers. Once a sale is made, ship promptly with tracking and request the buyer leave public feedback on your Reddit profile. This helps your credibility for future transactions.

If certain cards don’t sell right away, consider reposting the listing every few weeks at first to keep them in front of a fresh crowd. After a few months with no interest, it may be time to lower the price or explore other selling platforms like eBay instead.

With repeated quality listings at competitive prices over time, your baseball card selling activity on Reddit can become sustainable. Don’t get discouraged if early posts don’t yield immediate sales – building an audience takes repetition. Consistency and a good reputation will attract more buyers.

Additional Tips for a Successful Reddit Baseball Card Sales Experience


Here are some final tips that can give your listings the best chance of success:

Consider doing a “Reddit Only” discount to entice buyers versus other sites like eBay.

Clearly organize multi-page photo albums instead of huge unwieldy image links.

Interact with other baseball card redditors even when not selling to build relationships.

Package items securely with tracking included based on the card’s value. Surprise buyers with extras for 5-star service.

List cards across price ranges from $1 Commons to higher end Rares/Valuables to attract various collectors.

Mention if you also consider trades to expand your potential audience on trading card subreddits.

Use, Venmo or similar service links for ease of sending payment requests versus just stating your PayPal address.

Maintain civil, respectful discussions even if a deal falls through to preserve your positive reputation.

Say thanks for any interest or questions whether a sale occurs or not. Redditors appreciate courtesy.

Following best practices like these can help maximize your chances of attracting buyers and building a successful baseball card sales side business directly within the vibrant Reddit sports collecting communities. With patience and consistency, the platform shows potential for profitable long-term sales.

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