Getting baseball cards professionally graded is a great way to authenticate and encapsulate your cards, helping to preserve their condition while also providing an official certification of their quality and value. It is important to choose a reputable and established card grading company to work with. The two largest and most respected third-party card grading services are Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) and Beckett Grading Services (BGS). Both companies have decades of experience in the hobby and their certification has become the industry standard for determining the value and authenticity of graded cards on the secondary market.

The first step is to select the cards you want to submit for grading. Choose your best conditioned and most valuable vintage and modern cards. Make sure to carefully inspect each card under good lighting for any flaws, nicks, or imperfections beforehand. Only cards in Near Mint or better condition are usually worth the cost of the grading process. You’ll then need to determine which grading service to use, PSA or BGS. Both provide similar authentication and preservation benefits but they do have some differences in the actual grading scale and slabbing design. Factors like historical population report data or aesthetic preference could sway your choice.


Once you’ve picked a grading company, you’ll need to register for a submission account on their website if you don’t already have one. Then you can login and begin building your order, listing each individual card by year, set, sport, and other relevant details. Shipping supplies like submission boxes and labels can also be purchased here. Most services offer different tiers based on turnaround times, from economy to express options. Choose the speed and associated cost that works best for your needs. Be aware that current wait times can be several months or more depending on order volume.

When ready, you’ll carefully package your cards according to the shipping instructions. This usually involves individually encapsulating each in a semi-rigid holder or top loader before nestling them safely inside labeled boxes. Take care not to bend or damage the edges in transit. The prepared order is then shipped to the grading company, either directly or through one of their authorized submission centers for convenience. Sit back and wait as your cards go through the multi-step verification and grading process.

After grading is completed, yournow certified cards will be returned securely packaged in their protective slabs. You can then track population data, assess new values, display, and enjoy your collection’s certified vintage and modern gems. Professionally graded cards carry official authentication that can drastically increase collector and resale value. Just be sure to entrust your cards only to the most reputable companies in the business like PSA and BGS for grading protection and preservation that truly enhances your collection for generations to come.


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