The 1990 Topps baseball card set was released at the start of the 1990 MLB season and marked the 29th year of production for Topps’ flagship baseball card series. The set contains 792 total cards including photos and information on players and managers from all 26 Major League teams at the time.

Some key things to know about the 1990 Topps set include that the design featured a simple white border around each card with the team logo in the bottom corner. Select stars received ‘traded’ update cards showing them with their new teams from mid-season trades. The set is also notable for featuring the rookie cards of future Hall of Famers like Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, and Jeff Bagwell.

By 1990, the baseball card market was booming with collectors of all ages actively pursuing sets from the late 1980s and earlier. This created huge demand for the 1990 Topps cards, both for building complete original sets but also to collect the rookies and stars through the secondary market on trading cards shows and emerging online platforms.


One of the first major online marketplaces for sports cards was eBay, which launched in 1995 and allowed collectors to buy and sell individual cards to each other. Within a few years, eBay had become the dominant force in the secondary market and 1990 Topps cards were some of the most actively traded items.

Some of the most desirable and valuable 1990 Topps rookie cards that saw huge demand on eBay and other sources in the late 90s/early 2000s boom included Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, Greg Maddux, and Moises Alou. All were young All-Star caliber players who went on to Hall of Fame careers. In near mint condition, these rookies would routinely sell for $50-100 each during the peak of the boom.

Star update cards like a Ken Griffey Jr. trade to the Seattle Mariners from the Cincinnati Reds were also hot eBay items. Griffey was already one of the most popular players and his updated Mariners card showing him in his new uniform was a must-have for collectors, selling for $20-30 each.


In the years since, as the baseball card market has cooled off and stabilized, the prices for most 1990 Topps cards on eBay have settled into more predictable ranges. Complete original sets in near mint/mint condition typically sell for $150-250. Individual star cards have also decreased significantly from the peak bubble prices.

For example, a PSA 9 or 10 graded Frank Thomas rookie now sells in the $30-50 range on average. A PSA 9 Jeff Bagwell rookie brings around $25. Even the most desirable stars and rookies have settled into the $10-20 range ungraded. The market is much more focused on condition than it was during the frenzied late 90s.

There are still some 1990 Topps cards that command significant prices due to their rarity or the legendary status of the player featured. Any card of Hall of Famer Rod Carew in his final season with the California Angels can sell for $50-100 due to his iconic career.

The #1 Ken Griffey Jr. card, showing him as a young star with the Mariners, has also retained value in the $30-50 range because of his enduring popularity. And the #1 card of star shortstop Barry Larkin has increased in recent years to $50-75 as collectors seek out the rookie season of Cincinnati’s favorite son.


While the prices have cooled off significantly from the peak bubble era, 1990 Topps cards remain a very collectible part of the set for enthusiasts of the late 80s/early 90s players. Complete original sets can usually be found for under $300 in good condition on eBay. And individual star cards still offer affordable options for collectors looking to build their favorite players’ rookie seasons.

For those interested in starting a collection of 1990 Topps baseball cards or adding some desirable pieces, eBay remains the top marketplace. With its large selection of graded and ungraded individual cards as well as full sets available, collectors have many affordable options to build their collection of one of the most iconic vintage sets in the hobby.

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