The 1990 Donruss baseball card set was released at the start of a new decade for the sport. While not as iconic or valuable as some previous years, the 1990 Donruss cards provide a snapshot of the game at that moment in time and feature many stars who were just starting to make their mark.

The set has 524 total cards and includes rookie cards for future Hall of Famers like Frank Thomas, Gregg Maddux, and David Justice. While the base cards have maintained relatively stable values over the years, it is these rookie cards that hold the most potential for appreciating in worth. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key cards from the 1990 Donruss set and analyze their current values.

Perhaps the most coveted card from the set is the Frank Thomas rookie. Thomas would go on to have one of the best careers of any hitter from the 1990s, winning two MVP awards and racking up over 500 home runs. In near mint to mint condition, his rookie currently sells for around $150-200. Not bad for a base card from a set that retailed for around $1 per pack. Less than mint copies can still fetch $50-100 depending on the grade.


Another rookie of note is Atlanta Braves pitcher Greg Maddux. Like Thomas, Maddux had a Hall of Fame career, winning four Cy Young awards among other accolades. His 1990 Donruss rookie in top condition sells in the $75-100 range today. Maddux remained with the Braves for many of his best years, helping them win the 1995 World Series, so his card has strong regional appeal as well.

David Justice, an outfielder who was a key member of those great Braves teams, also has his rookie in this set. Justice hit over 250 home runs in his career and made two All-Star games. Mint Justice rookies can sell for around $40-60 currently. His power numbers and championship pedigree continue to give this card relevance.

In addition to the star rookie cards, there are also several veteran players whose 1990 Donruss issues maintain value. Nolan Ryan, whose express train to 5714 career strikeouts was still chugging along, has a $10-15 card. Ozzie Smith, a wizard with the glove at shortstop who was deep in his Hall of Fame career, also hovers around $10-15.


Perhaps surprisingly, cards of active superstars like Ken Griffey Jr. ($5-10), Barry Bonds ($5-8), and Roger Clemens ($4-6) have not appreciated enormously despite their huge careers and cultural impacts on the game. This is likely because they had so many other popular cards issued in the 1990s that were higher print runs.

For team collectors, there are also certain 1990 Donruss cards that stand out. Anything featuring emerging dynasty players like Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, or Chipper Jones for the Braves can fetch a few extra dollars beyond the average base card price. The same goes for Oakland A’s stars like Jose Canseco or Dennis Eckersley from their powerhouse “Swingin’ A’s” era teams.

Most of the common base cards from the 1990 Donruss set in well-centered, near mint condition can be acquired for $1-3. There are no extremely scarce or valuable cards, but it provides an affordable entry point for collectors looking to build sets from the early 90s or to relive the stars of that baseball generation. For the top rookie cards or most desirable veterans, you’ll pay a bit of a premium but still much less than what it would cost to obtain their cards from earlier in their careers.


While not the most valuable vintage set out there, the 1990 Donruss baseball cards continue to hold nostalgia and appreciation among collectors decades later. The affordable prices make it a fun set to complete while also offering the chance to acquire rookie gems that could grow in stature and worth down the road. For those seeking a time capsule from the dawn of a new decade for America’s pastime, 1990 Donruss delivers memorable cardboard and a financial opportunity for patient investors.

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