Donating Baseball Cards to Charity – An Overlooked Way to Help Others

Baseball cards hold nostalgic value for many collectors who have amassed large collections over the years. As collectors age, their priorities often shift and the bulk of their card collections may no longer hold as much meaning or importance. Instead of letting valuable cards collect dust in the attic or garage, donating baseball cards to charity is a thoughtful way to help others while clearing valuable space in your home. There are several reputable charities that accept baseball card donations and put them to good use, so collectors have viable options for donating their cards to support an important cause.

One of the top charities for donating baseball cards is Baseball Heroes. This national nonprofit organization works to enhance the lives of seriously ill, physically challenged, and disadvantaged children through the power of baseball. Baseball Heroes accepts donations of all baseball cards, regardless of condition or year, and uses the proceeds from selling the cards to fund programs, events, and experiences that bring joy to children facing serious hardships. Examples of the impactful work supported by baseball card donations include providing adapted baseball equipment for children with disabilities, hosting “dream games” where children get to play on real baseball fields with former MLB players, and funding hospital visits from mascots and current minor league players.


Donating cards to Baseball Heroes provides a tax deduction for the collector and allows valuable cards that may otherwise be discarded to instead positively impact children’s lives. Baseball Heroes handles the logistics of sorting, grading, and selling donated cards through established channels like eBay, COMC, and direct sales. They have processed millions of donated cards over the years. Collectors can donate by mailing cards directly to Baseball Heroes or by scheduling a free at-home pickup of larger collections through their website. It’s a simple and meaningful way to pay it forward with cards no longer being actively collected or displayed.

Another excellent charity option is the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. While they do not provide tax deductions for donated cards, the Hall of Fame does accept donations to enhance their extensive archives. They are always seeking to expand their holdings of rare, vintage cards that help tell the story of baseball’s history. Donated cards may be included in exhibits or used for research. The Hall of Fame’s world-renowned library and research center also benefits from additional resources. Collectors with truly one-of-a-kind vintage gems that document particular eras or players have found that donating to the Hall of Fame collection ensures their cards will be preserved and appreciated by generations of baseball fans to come.

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For collectors seeking a tax deduction, the Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) is another great charity to consider. B.A.T. provides financial and medical assistance to members of the baseball family in need. This includes retired MLB players suffering financial hardship due to injury or illness as well as the families of players who have passed away. B.A.T. accepts baseball card donations and uses the proceeds to continue their important work aiding those down on their luck in the baseball community. Donors receive a tax deduction letter for the estimated fair market value of their donated cards. Like Baseball Heroes, B.A.T. handles the logistics of sorting, grading, and selling cards through established online marketplaces.

Beyond the national charities, some local charities and nonprofit organizations also accept baseball card donations. Community foundations, children’s hospitals, Little League programs, and youth centers may put donated cards to use by including them in fundraising auctions and raffles. Collectors can research charities in their area that support causes important to them like healthcare, education, recreation, or youth development. Even donating a few boxes of cards to a small local organization can make a meaningful impact on the community level. It’s a small gesture that clears space while helping others.


For collectors serious about donating, the size and value of a collection is less important than the good that can be done by finding cards a new home where they will benefit children, support those in need, or preserve baseball history. National nonprofits provide easy donation processing and tax deductions, while local charities offer a way to give back closer to home. With many reputable charities accepting donations, there has never been a better time for collectors to pay it forward with cards that now hold greater purpose by helping others in the name of America’s pastime. A few minutes of research can lead to a very fulfilling donation that puts beloved cards to excellent use.

Donating baseball cards to charity is an overlooked option that allows collectors to clear valuable space while supporting impactful causes through established nonprofit organizations. Whether choosing national charities like Baseball Heroes, B.A.T., or the Hall of Fame, or exploring local charities, there are many reputable donation options. With a bit of research, collectors of all ages can feel great about finding an excellent new home for their cards where they will benefit children, preserve history, or aid those in need within the baseball community. It’s a simple act of generosity that keeps the nostalgia of baseball cards alive.

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