Yes, Fred Meyer does sell baseball cards at many of their store locations across the western United States. Fred Meyer is a large regional department store and supermarket chain owned by Kroger. While their main focus is on grocery, home goods, clothing, and general merchandise, they do carry a limited selection of trading cards, including baseball cards.

Baseball cards can be found in the toy aisles at most Fred Meyer stores. The selection tends to be smaller than what you might find at a dedicated card shop or sports card store, but they do maintain a revolving stock of new baseball card products. Common brands they carry include Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Donruss, Leaf, and Bowman. The vintage selection is usually very limited if they have any at all, as Fred Meyer focuses more on moving recently released products.

For the 2021 baseball season, Fred Meyer had stock of the current year’s Topps flagship baseball card products like Series 1, Series 2, Allen & Ginter, Stadium Club, and Topps Chrome. They also carried some of the non-Topps options like Donruss Optic, Leaf Metal Draft, and Panini Prizm. The stores received shipments of these products around their on-sale dates to stay as up-to-date as possible given their general retail focus. Their stock levels do tend to fluctuate based on consumer demand in each local area.


In addition to loose packs and boxes of the main baseball card releases, some Fred Meyer locations will also have baseball cards available in other forms. You may find specialty blasters, tins, or other miniature collections of cards targeted towards younger collectors. Every few months they refresh these seasonal or holiday baseball card assortments as well. Stores that have a larger toy section are more likely to stock these supplementary baseball card products.

The price points on baseball cards sold at Fred Meyer aim to be accessible for casual collectors on any budget. Loose packs are usually found for standard retail values between $3-5 depending on the brand and product line. Boxes offer better overall value but start at around $20-30. Many stores will also put older stock on clearance periodically to make room for new shipments coming in. This can be a good way to find slightly discounted card items if you don’t need the latest releases.


As a general merchandise retailer rather than a sport card specialty shop, the level of customer service support for baseball cards at Fred Meyer is relatively light. Employees in the toy departments may have some familiarity to answer basic questions, but don’t expect in-depth knowledge or grading assistance that you would get at a dedicated card shop. Stock is also replenished less frequently than at smaller hobby shops that are card-focused.

For a quick or convenient baseball card purchase when combining other errands, Fred Meyer offers the advantage of one-stop shopping. Their presence in many grocery-anchored shopping centers makes it easy to peruse new packs alongside essentials like food and supplies. The ability to use Fred Meyer Rewards coupons and fuel points on card purchases provides additional savings potential as well. But serious collectors still rely more on the expertise available at local card shops for their core collecting needs.


While Fred Meyer can’t compete with specialized sports card retailers in terms of selection depth or customer service, their stores do maintain a rotating assortment of mainstream baseball card products for casual fans. Being a mainstream retailer, prices are reasonable and it’s a handy option when other errands are involved. But the overall baseball card offerings are geared more towards impulse purchases alongside other items rather than core collecting. As long as expectations are managed accordingly, Fred Meyer satisfies the occasional baseball card buyer.

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