Yes, Five Below does sell baseball cards at their retail stores. Five Below is a chain of discount stores primarily located across the United States that offers a wide variety of products that are all priced at $5 or less. While their product assortment consists largely of toys, games, candy, electronics, and other gift items targeted towards teenagers and young adults, they do carry a selection of sports and hobby merchandise as well, including baseball cards.

Baseball cards have been a popular collectible item for decades, especially among young baseball fans. Five Below recognizes that baseball cards appeal to both children and adults who enjoy collecting, trading, and staying engaged with their favorite MLB players and teams. By stocking baseball cards priced accessibly at $5 or less per pack, Five Below is able to tap into this market of casual and avid baseball card collectors. Their stores give customers a convenient local retail option for purchasing new baseball card packs and boxes without having to go to a specialized hobby shop or card store.

Five Below aims to have a rotating selection of the most popular and in-demand baseball card products from the top licensing brands. Common brands of baseball cards found at Five Below include Topps, Bowman, Donruss, Panini, Leaf, and Stadium Club. Customers will typically find both trading card packs as well as complete set boxes available from the current and previous season’s Major League Baseball license. For example, in 2022 customers could purchase 2022 Topps Series 1 packs or 2021 Topps Update box at Five Below stores. During the baseball off-season, they may focus more on offerings from the previous year.


While the selection varies slightly by store location and time of year, customers can generally expect to find a wide range at Five Below including:

Baseball trading card packs containing approximately 8-12 cards priced around $1-3 per pack

Boxes containing 30-50 trading card packs for around $5

Premium box sets containing insert cards, memorabilia cards, autographs for $5

Vintage and retro reprint sets from the 1980s-2000s for $5 per pack

Collectors boxes of 100-250 card complete team or player sets for $5

Five Below aims to carry the most in-demand rookie cards, star players, parallels, and inserts within these products at an accessible price point. Having a place to purchase these current baseball cards helps fuel the collecting hobby for kids and adults on a budget.


Since space is limited within their small-box retail format, Five Below needs to balance stocking baseball cards with other popular toys, games, media, and merchandise. As such, their selection may not be as vast or specialized as a local card shop. For the casual collector looking for the latest packs, boxes, or sets from the major brands at a great value price, Five Below is a reliable retail chains to check regularly. Their product is also consistently well-organized and stored securely behind the checkout counters.

Five Below’s baseball card offerings are also perfect for last-minute gifts for the young baseball fan or player in someone’s life. Need a $5 or under present for a birthday party? A pack or two of cards from their favorite team would make for an inexpensive indulgence. Holidays also see Five Below promote “baseball card gift packs” containing an assortment of packs, stickers, and other small team items ideally priced for stocking stuffers.

While their selection may not satisfy every collecting need, Five Below is a mainstream retailer helping further grow interest in the baseball card hobby by making recent product accessible at everyday low prices. Casual collectors,gift-givers, and kids saving their allowance will continue finding value in checking their local Five Below locations for the latest baseball cards drops. With product regularly changing out, it rewards repeat stop for the chance at discovering something new to add to your collections. Five Below’s model of $5 and under pricing ensures the baseball card category remains an affordable indulgence for fans of all ages.


Yes Five Below stores across the United States do reliably stock baseball cards among their product assortments aimed towards teenagers and young adults. While selections may vary slightly by location, customers can typically find the most popular packs, boxes, and sets from Topps, Bowman, Donruss and more brands priced accessibly for $5 or less. Five Below helps fuel interest in the baseball card hobby through making recent licensing more discoverable and affordable to casual collectors of all budgets.

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