Deion Sanders was a rare two-sport star who had success both on the football field as a cornerback and kick returner in the NFL as well as in baseball as an outfielder in Major League Baseball. While he is best known for his football career where he won two Super Bowls, Sanders also had a nine year MLB career where he batted .263 with the Yankees, Braves, Reds and Padres from 1989 to 2001. As a result of his unique athletic accomplishments playing both football and baseball professionally, Deion Sanders baseball cards from the late 1980s through the 1990s have gained value from collectors in recent years. Here is an in-depth look at some of the key Deion Sanders baseball cards that are worth money for collectors today due to his fame and the rarity of some of the cards.

One of the most valuable and sought after Deion Sanders baseball cards is his 1989 Upper Deck rookie card. The 1989 Upper Deck set was the first modern baseball card issue and is considered by many to be the most valuable and influential set in the history of the hobby. As a result, any rare rookie cards from this set hold significant value. Deion Sanders’ rookie card is quite scarce in high grade as he only had a brief major league debut in 1989. In near mint to mint condition, graded by services like PSA or BGS, Deion Sanders’ 1989 Upper Deck rookie card in a 9 or 10 grade can fetch thousands of dollars, sometimes even over $10,000 for the highest grades. Even in an 8 grade, this rare rookie card still commands over $1,000 due to the set and player.


Another very valuable Deion Sanders baseball card is from 1991 Topps. In 1991, Topps captured Sanders’ success as a dual sport athlete with its “Prime Time” parallel subset. This small subset featured headshots of Deion with a “Prime Time” logo and text referring to him dominating both football and baseball. The 1991 Topps “Prime Time” Deion Sanders parallel serial numbered to 100 copies is one of the scarcest baseball cards of Prime Time and high grade examples can sell for $5,000 or more. Even the base 1991 Topps Deion Sanders card holds value today for collectors in the $100-300 range depending on condition.

Two other notable early 1990s Deion Sanders baseball cards that have gained collector value include his 1992 Leaf Series 2 card and 1992 Studio card. The 1992 Leaf card features a colorful action photo of Sanders and is numbered to only 1000 copies. High grades of this scarce Leaf card can sell for over $1,000. Meanwhile, the 1992 Studio set was known for its artistic photography and the Deion Sanders card shows him jumping with a baseball bat. This card has also appreciated due to the set quality and Sanders’ popularity, with PSA/BGS 9s valued at $500-700.


While Deion Sanders was with the Atlanta Braves from 1989 to 1993, cards from his time with the team have gained collector interest. His 1990 Fleer and Score cards, 1991 Stadium Club card, and 1992 Bowman card are valued between $50-200 depending on condition. The 1991 Topps Traded card has also become popular with Braves fans as it features Deion in an Atlanta uniform. One of his most coveted Braves cards is from the 1993 Finest set. The Finest set was known for its high end photography and the Deion Sanders card pictures him catching a fly ball. Graded mint examples have sold for over $1,000 in recent years.


After leaving the Braves in 1993, Deion Sanders had brief stints with the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants before joining the San Diego Padres in 1995. His time with these three clubs is represented in several valuable baseball cards as well. The 1994 Leaf Signature Series Premier Edition Deion Sanders card numbered to only 100 copies holds significant value as one of his rarest. Meanwhile, his 1995 Donruss Elite card from his Padres season has also gained collector interest in high grades with PSA 10s valued around $500.

While known more for his football Hall of Fame career, Deion Sanders also had success in Major League Baseball that is remembered through some of his rare and valuable baseball cards from the late 1980s and 1990s. His Upper Deck rookie, early 1990s inserts and parallels, as well as finest moments from his time with the Braves continue to gain value due to his popularity and dual sport achievements. For dedicated Deion Sanders and baseball card collectors, finding high quality examples from his playing career can provide a prime investment for the future.

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