D & J Baseball Cards & Sports Collectables: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Memorabilia

For over 30 years, D & J Baseball Cards & Sports Collectables has been the premier destination for sports card collectors and memorabilia enthusiasts across Southern California. What started as a small hobby shop located in a strip mall has grown into a 10,000 square foot showcase featuring an unmatched inventory of cards, autographs, game-worn jerseys, photos, balls, bats, and more from every major sport. Whether you’re a lifelong collector looking to add to your collection or a newcomer just starting to explore the exciting world of sports collecting, D & J has what you need to fuel your passion.

A Rich History of the Hobby

The modern sports collecting phenomenon can trace its roots back to the late 19th century with the advent of cigarette cards, small promotional cards inserted into tobacco products featuring images of baseball players. These early cards helped popularize the players and teams and fueled growing interest that continued to build throughout the 20th century. The 1950s saw the introduction of the modern baseball card as we know it today by Topps, with the release of their famous 1952 and 1953 sets that included rookie cards of legends like Mickey Mantle.

As interest in collecting cards grew exponentially through the 1960s and 70s, the hobby truly exploded in the late 80s with the rise of speculating on the values of vintage and rookie cards of stars like Ken Griffey Jr. This boom brought unprecedented media attention and hype that attracted millions of new collectors. While the overheated market eventually burst in the early 90s, it left a permanent mark and established sports cards as a mainstream collecting category. Since then, cards have expanded into every major professional and college sport as interest in memorabilia of all kinds has continued increasing exponentially year after year.


A Destination for Collectors

Walking through the doors of D & J, collectors are immediately immersed in the excitement and vast possibilities of the memorabilia world. Neatly organized walls are lined with tens of thousands of cards across all sports in protective plastic sleeves ready for browsing. Behind the counter, glass cases showcase one-of-a-kind game-used treasures, autographed photos, and rare vintage finds. Along the back and side walls, extensive jersey and memorabilia displays provide eye-catching glimpses into the careers and iconic moments of sports legends. No matter your interests, D & J has you covered with inventory spanning every era from the earliest days of professional baseball up to the present day superstars.

The knowledgeable and passionate staff at D & J are always on hand to help collectors of all experience levels find exactly what they’re looking for or make new discoveries. Whether you drop in to flip through the latest releases, search for a specific card to add to your PC (personal collection), or are looking for gift ideas, the friendly environment and top-notch customer service make every visit an enjoyable experience. For those just getting started, the staff can also provide guidance on building a collection, recommended sets to start with, and tips for properly caring for and storing your treasures.


Beyond the Brick and Mortar

While the physical storefront serves as the heart of the operation, D & J has evolved with the digital age to provide collectors additional convenient ways to shop. In addition to carrying inventory online at DandJsports.com, the store is an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Here they share breaking news, showcase new acquisitions, highlight customer collections, and engage with the community. Live video breaks of new releases and group breaks are also frequently streamed.

The website acts as an extensive online catalog with easily searchable listings for thousands of individual cards, autographs, jerseys, and other items. Secure payment processing allows collectors around the world to purchase items with just a few clicks. For higher end valuable pieces, D & J also participates in major industry auction sites. Whether browsing casually or ready to make a purchase, the digital extensions of D & J make connecting with the hobby easier than ever before.

Events and Networking

In addition to daily retail operations, D & J hosts a variety of special events throughout the year that take the memorabilia experience to another level. Popular monthly card shows bring together collectors from across the region to trade, sell, and socialize while showing off their prized possessions. Larger annual vintage card, autograph, and memorabilia shows draw collectors from around the country and give fans the chance to meet retired players.


The store is also a sponsor for various card signings where collectors can get current and former athletes to personalize their items. Past signers have included MLB all-stars like Dave Winfield, Tony Gwynn, and Trevor Hoffman as well as NFL legends like Dan Fouts. D & J additionally supports the local collecting community by donating prizes and product for conventions, fundraisers, and charity auctions. These events foster camaraderie, make collecting accessible for all, and help preserve the rich history of sports for future generations.

Collecting for a Lifetime

For over three decades, D & J Baseball Cards & Sports Collectables has established itself as the premier destination in Southern California for sports memorabilia of all kinds. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a loyal customer since day one, their massive inventory, knowledgeable staff, and passion for the hobby create an unrivaled customer experience. As interest in collecting only continues growing exponentially, D & J is sure to remain the epicenter for fans to fuel their love of sports, connect with others who share their interests, and preserve the history of the games and players they admire. Their commitment to the community helps ensure the cherished tradition of collecting lives on for many years to come.

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