While Topps baseball cards are iconic collectibles that millions of fans enjoy each year, many collectors have a desire to create their own unique baseball card designs. Topps has long recognized this interest from fans and has offered custom baseball card options for decades. Their custom card programs allow collectors to design cards featuring their favorite players, game moments, or personal photos to preserve special baseball memories.

One of the earliest Topps custom card programs began in the 1970s. Fans could work with Topps to design a single custom card featuring any player from that current season. The basic process involved submitting a sketch of the proposed card design along with a short write-up. Topps artists would then create a finished artwork rendition for final approval. Once approved, Topps would produce a single copy of the custom card on actual card stock for a fee. These early custom cards helped fuel collectors’ creativity while also generating additional revenue for Topps.

In the 1980s, Topps expanded their custom card offerings beyond just single cards. New programs allowed fans to design full team sets featuring their favorite MLB, minor league, or college squads. Collectors could work with Topps to choose card designs, action photos, and stats to showcase entire 25-man rosters. Topps artists handled the graphic production, and complete custom team sets could be purchased for personal collections or gifts for fellow fans. These early multi-card sets demonstrated high demand for customized baseball collectibles beyond Topps’ standard releases.


As technology advanced, Topps began utilizing computer graphics and digital design tools for custom baseball cards in the 1990s. This allowed for more sophisticated graphics and special effects on custom cards. Fans gained the ability to submit their own scanned photos and proposed card layouts electronically. Topps artists then incorporated the submitted elements into polished digital card designs. Completed custom cards were still produced on standard card stock for protection in sleeves and albums. The transition to digital customization streamlined the design process and expanded creative possibilities for collectors.

In the 2000s, Topps launched several new websites focused entirely on custom baseball card design and production. Sites like gave fans state-of-the-art digital tools to create fully customized single cards or complete sets from the ground up. Collectors could choose every graphic element, from photos to borders to background designs. Typefaces, colors, and effects were all at the customer’s control. Once a custom design was finalized, Topps produced the physical cards through high-quality printing and carefully cut them to regulation size. This allowed fans unprecedented control over the baseball card collecting experience.

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As technology progressed into the 2010s, Topps continued upgrading their custom card websites and tools. New features like photo filters, holograms, embossing, and autograph reproductions were added. Collectors could now design truly one-of-a-kind baseball cards. Topps also began offering custom card programs for leagues beyond MLB, including the NFL, NBA, soccer and more. Their expanding customization options made personalized cards accessible for any sport or event meaningful to each unique collector.

Today, Topps remains the leader in professional custom baseball card production. Through sites like, fans have powerful yet intuitive design suites to create fully customized digital mockups. Collectors can choose from thousands of stock photos or submit their own to feature any player, team or moment they wish. A wide assortment of templates, graphics, fonts and effects provide endless creative possibilities. Once a design is finalized, Topps expertly reproduces the custom cards on premium card stock with razor-sharp registration. Finished cards are then shipped directly to the collector or recipient.

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Over decades, Topps has continually adapted their custom baseball card programs to meet the evolving needs of collectors. From single hand-drawn designs to full digital customization, Topps has fueled fans’ passion for personalization. Their high-quality custom card services allow collectors to design truly unique keepsakes celebrating special players, games or personal memories in baseball card form. Topps customization ensures fans can preserve their favorite baseball moments however they choose.

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