The St. Louis Cardinals have built a tradition of excellence over their long franchise history that dates back to the late 1800s. As one of baseball’s premier franchises with 11 World Series titles, the Cardinals know how to put on a great gameday experience for their loyal and passionate fans. From the pregame festivities to the ninth inning celebrations, a day at Busch Stadium with the Cardinals is truly special for any baseball fan.

Starting in the morning, fans will want to arrive early to Busch Stadium to take in all the pregame atmosphere. On gamedays, the area around the ballpark is bustling with activity for fans. Vendors line the sidewalks selling Cardinals merchandise like jerseys, hats, shirts, and more Cardinals gear. Food trucks offer up regional specialties like St. Louis style pizza, barbecue, and toasted ravioli for fans to snack on before heading into the ballpark. Live music performances get fans in the red bird spirit before first pitch.

When the gates open two hours before the game, fans flood into Busch Stadium to explore the ballpark. A stop at the team store is a must to browse the latest Cardinals apparel and souvenirs. Popular items include replica jerseys of current stars like Albert Pujols and Adam Wainwright. Authentic pieces signed by Cardinals legends are also available but come at a hefty price. Outside the team store, fans can get their pictures taken in front of the large Cardinals logo background.


In the lower concourses, fans young and old enjoy interacting with the team mascots – Fredbird and teamFredbird. Kids line up to get high-fives, hugs, and photos with the fun-loving bird characters. Nearby inflatable bounce houses and other activities keep energy high before the first pitch. Of course, no Cardinals pregame is complete without a stop for toasted ravioli, the St. Louis delicacy that is a must-try for any visitor. Authentic St. Louis style pizza is also sold in abundance to fuel fans up for the game.

As game time approaches, the energy inside Busch Stadium ramps up significantly. On the field, the Cardinals take batting practice and go through defensive drills to get loose before players. Coaches, and managers meet at home plate for the pregame meeting. From the lower level seats along the baselines, fans have a great view of the field activity at this time. During this time, the stadium DJ plays a mix of popular songs to keep the crowd entertained.

Exactly one hour before first pitch, the pregame ceremonies begin in earnest. A highlight video plays on the jumbotron to get fans pumped up and reminiscing about great Cardinals postseason moments and championships. After a few songs play to extend the pregame excitement, the public address announcer welcomes fans to Busch Stadium for another Cardinals baseball game. Military members are recognized for their service to the country. Then, the iconic “Hello baseball fans” greeting signals it’s time for the starting lineups.


As each Cardinals player is announced, fans cheer loudly for their favorites. Superstar third baseman Nolan Arenado and catcher Yadier Molina tend to receive the biggest ovations. After the lineup introductions conclude, the national anthem is performed. Often a local singer will do the honors of singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” With the pregame festivities wrapped up, it’s now time for the first pitch. A sense of anticipation hangs in the air as fans await the first pitch of the ballgame.

During the game, the energy level rises and falls with the momentum on the field. When the Cardinals are at bat and threatening to score runs, the crowd is at its loudest. Big hits and home runs send Busch Stadium into a frenzy. Defensive gems and strikeouts on the mound also generate loud cheers. Between innings, the stadium DJ plays popular songs to keep fans engaged. Highlight videos recap the action so far.

Concessions are a big part of the gameday experience at Busch Stadium. Along with the St. Louis staples of toasted ravioli and pizza already mentioned, other popular fare includes hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, fries, nachos, peanuts, Cracker Jack, soft pretzels, and ice cream. Local beers like Budweiser and craft options satisfy fans’ thirsts. There are also specialty items like ribs, chicken sandwiches, and salads for healthier options.

In the late innings, fans really get into the game if it’s close. “Let’s Go Cardinals” chants erupt throughout the stadium. The energy level is through the roof if the home team is mounting a comeback or holding onto a lead. Walk-off wins are the most thrilling outcomes as fans rush the field in jubilation. After the final out, the Cardinals play their tradition victory song “We Are the Champions” as players celebrate on the field.


Whether the Cardinals win or lose, fans stick around after the final out to enjoy the postgame festivities. Kids run the bases like big leaguers after select games. The stadium DJ plays popular songs to keep the party going for a bit longer. Vendors sell remaining stock to fans exiting the ballpark. Memories are shared of the game experience as fans head out feeling part of the Cardinals community and tradition. Plans are made to return again soon for another Cardinals baseball game under the Arch in St. Louis.

With a long history of success on the field paired with top-notch fan amenities and gameday experiences, the St. Louis Cardinals know how to put on a show for their loyal and passionate fanbase. From the lively pregame festivities to the electric atmosphere during close games, a day at Busch Stadium creates memories that will last a lifetime for Cardinals fans of all ages. The tradition and pride of Cardinal Nation is on full display at every home game, cementing the franchise as one of baseball’s best.

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