Bobby Cox was an American professional baseball player and manager who spent his entire career in the Atlanta Braves organization. As a player, Cox was a middle infielder who appeared in over 1,000 major league games between 1954 and 1976. It is his managerial career that he is best known for. Cox managed the Braves from 1978 to 2010, leading them to 14 division titles, five National League pennants, and a 1995 World Series championship.

Due to his long and successful career both as a player and manager, Bobby Cox has been featured on numerous baseball cards over the decades. Some of his more notable baseball card appearances include:

1954 Topps #64 – Cox’s rookie card features him as a member of the Milwaukee Braves organization. He is pictured in a batting stance wearing dark baseball pants and a long sleeved undershirt. This is one of Cox’s more sought after cards from his playing days due to its rookie card status. Graded mint condition examples can fetch hundreds of dollars.


1959 Topps #531 – This card shows Cox as a member of the Milwaukee Braves during his playing prime. He is pictured from the waist up wearing a Braves uniform with his batting helmet on. This is one of Cox’s more common cards from the 1950s and can be acquired in lower grades for just a few dollars.

1978 Topps #122 – Cox’s managerial career began with the Atlanta Braves in 1978 after retiring as a player. This is considered his “rookie manager” card and features a headshot photograph of him in a Braves pullover. It was one of the first cards to highlight Cox in his new role as a big league skipper.

1991 Fleer #363 – This card commemorates Cox winning his 1,000th career game as a manager in 1991. It shows a action image of him in the Braves dugout and was a special “milestone moments” card inserted randomly in Fleer packs that year.


1995 Upper Deck #75 – As the manager of the 1995 World Series champion Braves, Cox was featured prominently in card sets that year. This card features a photograph of him holding the Commissioner’s Trophy after the Braves defeated the Cleveland Indians. Highly sought after by Braves fans and collectors of championship cards.

2000 Upper Deck #100 – By the late 1990s, Cox had become the longest tenured manager in baseball. This card highlights his longevity behind the Braves bench with a headshot photograph. It was included in the base set of many 2000 trading card products.

2010 Topps #334 – Cox’s final card as an active manager came after he retired following the 2010 season. The photograph shows him in the Braves dugout, encapsulating his over 30 year career leading the franchise. It serves as a nice retrospective piece for collectors of Braves and Cox memorabilia.


In addition to his individual player and manager cards over the decades, Bobby Cox was also frequently featured on special team and franchise cards highlighting the Atlanta Braves. This includes cards honoring the 1995 World Series championship squad, the franchise’s all-time great players and managers, and retrospective cards looking back at the Braves’ rich history in Atlanta.

Whether from his playing days in the 1950s as a middle infielder or his legendary managerial career that spanned from 1978 to 2010, Bobby Cox left an indelible mark on the Atlanta Braves franchise. As a result, he remains a popular figure to this day amongst collectors of Braves cards, memorabilia, and items commemorating the storied history of the organization. Many of Cox’s baseball cards, especially those from his early playing career and milestone moments as a manager, retain strong collector interest decades after their original release.

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