When it comes to buying and selling valuable baseball cards, using a reputable auction house is highly recommended. Auction houses provide a secure marketplace, verify authenticity, handle logistics, and work to maximize prices for rare finds. While eBay is a popular option for more common cards, serious collectors prefer to use established auction specialists when dealing with six and seven figure baseball cards. Here are some of the top auction houses to consider for your prized pieces of baseball history.

Goldin Auctions: Founded in 1988, Goldin Auctions is considered the premier auction house for vintage sports memorabilia and cards. They handle hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions annually and have expertise in grading and authentication. Goldin Auctions works closely with leading authentication services like PSA/DNA and SGC to ensure buyers receive authentic merchandise. They offer both online and in-person auctions throughout the year featuring everything from rare T206 cards to game-used jerseys. With no buyer’s premium and a worldwide clientele, Goldin Auctions is a trusted name for consigning and purchasing high-end cards.


Heritage Auctions: As one of the largest auction houses in the world, Heritage Auctions brings credibility and global reach to the sports collectibles market. They have offices nationwide and facilitate live, online, and traditional floor auctions constantly. Heritage’s team of experts thoroughly research each item’s history and estimate value to attract serious bidders. For baseball cards, they have achieved several record-setting prices including over $3 million for a 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner. Heritage Auctions transparently grades and authenticates all cards, giving buyers confidence in their purchases. Their user-friendly bidding platforms make the process simple.

SCP Auctions: Operating since 1985, SCP Auctions is renowned for handling some of the rarest finds in the hobby. Their auctions are invitation-only, with a limited number of highly-qualified bidders. This exclusivity helps drive prices for consignors. SCP Auctions is known for facilitating seven and eight figure sales of legendary cards like the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle and T206 Wagner. They work one-on-one with collectors to build custom listings that highlight all pertinent details. SCP Auctions leverages long-time relationships in the industry to attract serious buyers for truly iconic pieces of sports history.


Robert Edward Auctions: Founded in 1995, Robert Edward Auctions has a strong reputation for integrity and discretion within the hobby. They cater to high-end collectors and dealers, facilitating private transactions as well as public auctions. Robert Edward Auctions handles authentication in-house and provides custom cataloging for valuable collections. While their auction size is smaller than the mega auction houses, Robert Edward Auctions is highly respected for achieving top dollar for rare vintage cards in excellent condition. They offer both traditional and online bidding to reach qualified buyers worldwide.

Lelands: Since 1985, Lelands has grown to become a leading online auction house for sports memorabilia, cards, and other collectibles. They handle thousands of auctions annually through their easy-to-use bidding system. While Lelands deals in items of all values, they have particular expertise in high-grade vintage baseball cards from the T206 set through the 1960s. Lelands works with experts at PSA, SGC, and other services to verify authenticity. They provide extensive photos, histories, and market estimates to inform bidders. With competitive buyer’s premiums and reliable shipping, Lelands is very accessible for collectors of all levels.


When deciding where to consign or purchase valuable baseball cards, do your research on the reputation, track record, and services of different auction houses. Consider factors like a proven history of top prices, authentication procedures, catalog details, and buyer/seller feedback. The top auction specialists can give you the best opportunity for a successful transaction involving your prized pieces of baseball collectibles. With so much money and history involved, using an established expert marketplace is highly recommended for serious card collectors and investors.

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