1988 Sportflics Baseball Cards Price Guide

The 1988 Sportflics baseball card set was issued during a boom period for the baseball card industry in the late 1980s. Sportflics was a smaller brand compared to industry giants like Topps and Donruss but still produced quality cards that baseball collectors enjoyed. The 1988 set contains 132 total cards and features players from both the American and National Leagues. While not the most valuable set from the era, certain cards from 1988 Sportflics have increased in value over the years for various reasons. Let’s take a deeper look at the 1988 Sportflics set and get an understanding of how much different cards are worth today according to the current market.

The design of the 1988 Sportflics cards was fairly basic but effective. Each card featured a color photo of the player in action on the front with their name, team, and stats printed below. On the back, more stats and a short biography of the player was provided. The card stock was of decent thickness and quality. An interesting aspect of the set was that card numbers were assigned randomly instead of sequentially based on the player’s importance. This led to some star players receiving much higher numbers than expected. The front of each card had a Sportflics logo printed in the bottom left corner along with the player’s position.


In terms of the overall condition and scarcity of 1988 Sportflics cards on the secondary market, most are fairly obtainable in at least played/good condition. Finding high grade mint or near-mint examples can be challenging for some key players. The set has maintained decent collector interest over the decades but is not as widely collected as other brands from the era. This means values are generally lower than comparable cards from Topps flagship sets from the same year. Still, there are some notable rarities and stars that command premium prices.

Let’s examine some standout cards from the 1988 Sportflics set and estimate their current market values based on recent sales:

Nolan Ryan (Card #121): As one of the set’s biggest stars and arguably the greatest pitcher of all time, Ryan’s card is highly sought after. In PSA 10 gem mint condition, it can fetch $300-400. Lower graded copies in the $75-150 range are more common.


Ozzie Smith (Card #83): The Wizard of Oz was a fan favorite and his defense made him a surefire Hall of Famer. High grade versions regularly sell for $150-250.

Roger Clemens (Card #2): The Rocket’s rookie card year and one of the premier pitchers of the 1980s/90s. A PSA 10 could go for $500+. Most sell in the $100-200 range.

Wade Boggs (Card #12): The hit king and Red Sox star. His card holds value due to his prolific career. PSA 10s have sold for $150-250.

Kirby Puckett (Card #100): The Twins legend and 6-time All-Star. Known for his clutch hitting. PSA 10 recently sold for $400. Lower grades around $100.

Rickey Henderson (Card #62): The all-time stolen base leader and leadoff hitter extraordinaire. Even PSA 8s have sold for $150-250 given his iconic status.

Don Mattingly (Card #55): The 1985 AL MVP and career Yankee. His star power drives prices to $75-150 range across all grades.

Dwight Gooden (Card #119): Dr. K’s rookie season and one of the most dominant ever. PSA 10s have topped $500 due to his hype. Most sell $150-300.


There are several other mid-range stars and prospects that can reach $50-100 in top condition depending on player performance and career arcs. This includes cards of Will Clark, Mark McGwire, Barry Larkin, and Gregg Jefferies among others. For common players that were role players or never panned out, their cards are only worth a few dollars.

While not the most valuable set from the boom era, 1988 Sportflics does contain some fairly scarce stars and rookie cards that collectors prize. For key Hall of Famers or players with huge careers like Ryan, Smith, Boggs, Henderson, and Puckett – their cards can net hundreds in top grades. Young stars like Gooden and Clemens also hold strong value. For most of the set, condition is important when pricing vintage Sportflics from 1988. With care and some patience, this affordable set can still be completed by today’s collectors.

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