The 2023 Topps baseball card release is one of the most anticipated issues in recent years. Topps has the exclusive license with Major League Baseball, meaning their flagship set is the official cards of MLB. With a new season comes new designs, rookies, parallels, and more to discover in packs. Let’s take an in-depth look at what to expect from the upcoming 2023 Topps baseball cards.

Design – For the base card design, Topps is sticking with a vertical layout they introduced in 2021. The solid color background remains with the team logo prominently displayed at the top. Player names, positions, and stats are presented cleanly below the image. Some fans enjoy the simplified look while others miss the classic horizontal “bowman” style Topps used for decades. Parallels will utilize different color variations on this template.

Rookies – Each year the rookie class is a big storyline and 2023 has some exciting names to look out for. Catcher Adley Rutschman, the top overall pick in 2019, is expected to have one of the top rookie cards after debuting in Baltimore last season. Seattle outfielder Julio Rodriguez had a strong rookie campaign and his card should be popular as well. Other rookies to watch include catcher Gabriel Moreno with Toronto, catcher Daniel Vogelbach with the Mets, and pitcher George Kirby with Seattle.


Parallels – Parallel inserts have become a major part of the modern card collecting hobby. Topps will offer several variations with different colors, numbering, and levels of rarity. The base parallels include “Paper”, “Chrome”, and “Rainbow Foil” versions. More rare inserts include “Gold Label”, “Gold Label Auto”, and “Superfractor” parallels. Topps also has “Negative” photo negative and “Rainbow” refractors available. These parallels provide multiple options at different price points for collectors.

Autographs and Memorabilia – On-card autographs remain the holy grail for most collectors. Topps’ “Topps Autographs” insert set features autographed rookie cards of the top prospects. “Topps Chrome Autographs” and “Topps Chrome Update Autographs” inserts have refractor parallels. “Topps Tribute” pays homage to retired stars with memorabilia cards. “Topps Heritage” and “Topps Archives” inserts combine retro designs with autographs and memorabilia as well. Numbered parallels make the hits even more coveted.

Insert Sets – Beyond the base cards and parallels, Topps offers numerous insert sets throughout the year. These provide additional collecting opportunities beyond the standard rookie and star cards. Popular recurring sets include “Topps Now” for real-time moments, “Photo Shoot” portraits, “Topps 3D” dimensional cards, and “Topps Gallery” fine art shots. There are also fun specialty sets like “Nolan Ryan Tribute”, “Negro Leagues Legacy”, and “Topps Heritage High Numbers”.

Short Prints – Topps has long included scarce “short print” cards in their releases to add to the excitement of the chase. In 2023, look for short prints of top stars like Shohei Ohtani, Juan Soto, and Ronald Acuña Jr. Rookie short prints are also a possibility. These cards are printed in extremely limited numbers, sometimes as low as 1 per case. Finding a short print is a true thrill for collectors.

Checklists – The standard base set checklist includes all 30 MLB teams with players, managers, and coaches. The “Update” and “High Number” issues that follow midseason add new rookies and call-ups to the checklist. Topps also releases digital-only “Allen & Ginter” and “Stadium Club” sets with different styles of cards not found in the flagship product. Collecting a complete set provides a sense of accomplishment for many collectors.


Secondary Market – With the explosive growth of the modern card collecting market, the secondary resale market has also boomed. Popular online auction sites like eBay allow collectors to buy, sell, and trade cards they’ve collected. Prices for rare rookie cards, autographs, and parallels have skyrocketed in recent years. Sites like PSA and BGS also grade cards to establish condition, bringing even more value. It’s an exciting time for those who enjoy buying, selling, and trading as part of the hobby.

The 2023 Topps baseball card release is primed to be another highly anticipated issue, as the company continues to build on the success of their recent flagship products. With new rookies, parallels, inserts, and short prints, there will be plenty to chase for both new and experienced collectors. The official cards of Major League Baseball remain a timeless collectible that fans of all ages can enjoy.

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