Baseball cards have been collected by fans for over 130 years and displayed in a variety of ways from shoeboxes and albums to plastic sleeves. One of the best ways to show off your favorite or most valuable baseball cards is by mounting them in decorative frames. Mounting baseball cards allows you to appreciate the visual details and statistics on the card while protecting it for years of enjoyment. Whether you have a single rare card or want to create a collection to display on your wall, mounting is an excellent option.

When framing baseball cards, it’s important to use high quality materials that will preserve the card itself. Look for acid-free or archival safe framing materials to prevent damage over time. The cardboard stock baseball cards are printed on is prone to yellowing or deterioration if exposed to light, heat fluctuations or humidity changes. Plastic sleeves or frame mountings provide protection from these elements. It’s also a good idea to matte the baseball card for an extra layer of protection between the card and the glass. Art supply stores carry matte board made from buffered papers that won’t harm the card.


For a single prized baseball card, simple frames that feature the card centered behind glass work well. Wooden frames accent the vintage feel of most cards. Stay away from frames with sharp inner edges that could potentially scratch or dent the surface of the card over years on display. Smaller 3×5 or 4×6 size frames are common choices. Mounting adhesive likeArtistmount by Rainhart is acid-free and won’t damage the card surface when adhered properly. It allows for easy removal if needed without risking tears. For cards in mint condition, consider non-adhesive options like metal corner mounts inserted behind the card.

Larger or more elaborate multi-card displays require a bit more planning. Designate card slots within a wooden presentation panel, picture frame, or baseball display case. Measure each slot’s dimensions to tightly and securely hold Penny sleeves, magnetic sheets, or artist corners with the cards sandwiched securely behind glass or plexiglass. Create uniform rows and columns to best showcase a whole collection together. Some specialty framers can even make custom shadowboxes or multi-pocket frames tailored for your specific baseball card lineup. Backing boards provide stability.

Lighting brings out the finest design elements and autographs on displayed baseball cards. Small accent lights installed inside display cases illuminate cards beautifully without risk of direct heat or ultraviolet light exposure. For wall displays, choose a location away from direct sunlight. Display lights without a visible light source likeLED or fiber optic lights ensure a safe, even glow. Dimmer controls let you adjust the brightness. A lightbox frame passes light evenly through the whole encased area.


Proper storage is still important when cards are on display. Remove them from mounting or frames for storage periods to prevent damage from long-term light exposure. Store cards flat in acid-free sheets, Toploaders, or magnetic holders in a temperature controlled area away from direct heat or moisture. With care taken in framing materials, lighting, and storage, your favorite baseball cards can be proudly exhibited for many years while maintaining optimal condition. Mounting in striking frames transforms collectible cards into true works of art to showcase your fandom passion.

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