Baseball cards have been a beloved hobby and collectible for decades. With the popularity of online marketplaces, many collectors now turn to sites like Kijiji to buy, sell, and trade their baseball card collections. Whether you’re a lifelong collector looking to grow your stash or just starting out, Kijiji is a great place to peruse baseball cards from all eras.

The history of baseball cards dates back to the late 1800s when cigarette and tobacco companies began including cards featuring baseball players in their products. The rise of these “cigarette cards” helped popularize baseball and its stars. In the early 1900s, candy and gum companies like Topps, Bowman, and Fleer started packaging cards with their products, helping to further grow the hobby. Some of the most valuable vintage cards date back to this tobacco and candy era, like the iconic 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner, which has sold for over $1 million.


Through the 1950s and 60s, baseball cards boomed in popularity alongside the growing sport. Sets from the post-war years like 1952 Topps and 1956 Topps are considered classics by collectors today. In the 1970s, the rise of star players in the steroid era like Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, and Nolan Ryan made their rookie cards highly sought after. The late 80s and 90s saw innovations like upper deck and the introduction of refractors and parallels that are still part of modern sets.

On Kijiji, you can find vintage and modern baseball cards from all eras. Prices vary widely depending on the player, year, and condition of the card. Here are some examples of what you may come across:

Vintage tobacco/candy era (pre-1950): High-value vintage cards can sell for thousands in gem mint condition. More common players from this era in played/good condition may sell for $50-200.


1950s/60s “golden age”: Rougher condition commons from the 50s/60s can be found for under $10. Star rookies and hall of famers from the period typically sell from $50-500 depending on the player and grade.

1970s rookie stars: 1970s rookie cards of big name stars in good condition often sell in the $100-1000 range depending on player/team. A mint Hank Aaron or Nolan Ryan rookie could fetch over $1000.

1980s/90s inserts and parallels: Modern inserts and parallels from the late 20th century that are still in pack-fresh condition sell from $20-200 usually. Higher end parallels or 1/1 prints sell for much more.

2000s-present: Current year common base cards sell for under $1. Rated rookies and stars from the last 20 years range from $5-100 depending on the player and grade.


Complete sets: Entire complete sets from most eras sell for hundreds to low thousands depending on year, condition, and whether it contains key stars/rookies.

Autograph/memorabilia cards: Signed cards and cards containing game-used memorabilia pieces can sell anywhere from $50-5000+ depending on the player signature and the rarity/material contained.

When browsing Kijiji, be sure to check a seller’s feedback and ask detailed questions about a card’s condition details, authenticity, and grading certification if applicable. Meet in a public place for transactions and inspect cards closely before purchasing. With patience and research, you can find real treasures to fuel your baseball card collecting passion through Kijiji. Whether starting a new collection or adding to an existing one, happy hunting!

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