Baseball cards have been a beloved hobby and collectible for over a century. Whether it’s chasing down rare vintage cards from the early 20th century or collecting the latest rookie cards, baseball card enthusiasts across New York are always on the hunt. With the largest population of any U.S. state, New York City is a hotspot for finding baseball cards for sale from dedicated collectors and large auction houses.

New York has no shortage of local card shops with inventory available. Beckett’s Cards & Collectibles in Manhattan’s Upper West Side has been in business since 1978, stocking new and vintage baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards from the major sports leagues. Their extensive online store also offers worldwide shipping. In Brooklyn, Brooklyn Cards & Collectibles on 5th Avenue specializes in vintage cards from the 1950s through 1980s, with a deep roster of rare Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron cards that fans search decades to uncover.

Long Island is another baseball card haven, with shops like Sports Collectibles in Huntington Station maintaining a huge stock of cards from the modern era as well as vintage greats like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner. On Staten Island, Mike’s Sports Cards in New Dorp Beach deals primarily in new release cards but can also source older collections. Upstate, Beacon Sports Cards in Beacon stocks an array of baseball cards both new and old, along with supplies for collectors of all ages.


For high-end vintage cards, auction giants like Heritage Auctions and SCP Auctions based in New York hold frequent sports memorabilia auctions with rare baseball cards that can fetch six or even seven figure prices. In 2021, Heritage Auctions sold a 1909-11 T206 Honus Wagner for $3.9 million, setting a new record. SCP Auctions also regularly offers complete vintage sets like the 1952 Topps set that can sell for over $100,000. Both auction houses post daily online bidding as well as holding live auction events throughout the year.

New York City is also home to some of the most extensive private collections that hit the market. In recent years, the Mike Trout collection of a New York-based doctor was sold via Goldin Auctions for over $900,000, containing dozens of the star’s prized rookie cards. Another famous New York collection, “The Mint Set” owned by endodontist Jeffrey Lichtman, contained pristine vintage cards graded gem mint 10 and was sold by SCP Auctions for $3.12 million in 2018.


For online card shopping, popular auction sites like eBay and ComicConnect based in New York offer daily baseball card auctions. On eBay, a quick search turns up hundreds of listings for vintage and modern Yankees, Mets and other team cards from sellers across the U.S. and worldwide. ComicConnect specializes in high-end auctions of CGC-graded vintage cards and complete sets. Cards can also be purchased directly from reputable online dealers like which maintains a huge inventory of new release cards as well as vintage singles, sets and collections.

Sports card conventions are another great way to browse local collections for sale. Some of the largest in New York include the National Sports Collectors Convention held annually in Atlantic City. The Northeast Sportscard & Memorabilia Show in Edison, New Jersey also draws collectors from across the tri-state area each spring and fall. Local card shows in places like Yonkers, Brooklyn and Staten Island offer more intimate buying and selling opportunities.


Whether browsing local card shops, major online auctions, conventions or private collections, New York remains a fertile hunting ground for baseball card collectors and investors. With the dense population and history of the sport, rare finds from legends like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and more are always possible in the Empire State. Serious collectors will want to tap into the extensive resources and network of dealers throughout New York City and surrounding areas.

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