Baseball cards have long been a popular collectible for baseball fans of all ages. In recent years, a new trend has emerged – baseball cards made specifically for our canine companions. While the concept may seem silly at first, dog baseball cards have taken the pet world by storm.

Just like traditional baseball cards featuring human players, dog baseball cards showcase individual dogs and include stats and biographical information. Instead of batting averages or home run totals, dog cards highlight each pup’s favorite toys, treats, or activities. Other common stats include a dog’s breed, age, favorite park to visit, and number of Instagram followers.

The first company to create dog baseball cards was BarkCard in 2017. Founded by lifelong baseball fan Andrew Alvarado, BarkCard saw the opportunity to combine two of his passions – America’s pastime and man’s best friend. Alvarado had the idea to design collectible cards that celebrated individual dogs in a fun, baseball-inspired format.


BarkCard cards are traded and collected much like traditional baseball cards. Each features a photo of the dog “player” on the front along with their nickname and stats listed on the back. Popular dog “teams” include The Good Boys, The Treat Hunters, and The Park Rangers. BarkCard even produces special edition rookie cards, all-star cards, and retired player cards as dogs age out of play.

Within just a few years, BarkCard exploded in popularity. Baseball fans and dog lovers alike enjoyed learning about unique pups across the country through the baseball card theme. Today, BarkCard has produced over 5 million cards and is still the top brand in the dog card space. Their success has also inspired many other companies like Pawse, WoofPack, and Fetch Roy to enter the market with their own creative card designs.

While collecting dog baseball cards started as just a fun hobby, it has since evolved into a true community. BarkCard hosts an annual convention and trading card show where dog owners from around the world can meet, trade cards, and learn more about their favorite canine “players.” Social media has also played a big role, with owners sharing photos of their dog card collections on Instagram using hashtags like #barkcardcollection.

Some dogs even gain a celebrity-like status within the dog card world. Pups with huge social media followings often get their own rookie cards, leading to a surge in demand. One Shiba Inu named Taro from California went viral on Instagram in 2019 with over 500,000 followers. After BarkCard released his rookie card, it became one of the most sought-after in the entire set that year.

For dogs themselves, the concept of baseball cards is meaningless – but they sure do love the attention! Having their face on a collectible card brings them praise from admiring fans. It’s also a fun way for owners to showcase their pup’s personality while connecting with other dog lovers. Whether being added to a binder collection or traded between friends, dog baseball cards have become a paw-sitive phenomenon in the pet memorabilia industry. With new companies and card designs emerging each year, this trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


So whether you’re a lifelong baseball fan, an avid dog lover, or both – consider starting your own dog baseball card collection. Not only is it a unique way to celebrate your furry best friend, but you’ll also join a growing community of pet parents who appreciate the hilarity and heart of this one-of-a-kind collectible. Who knows, maybe your pup will even achieve rookie card status and bark-come a star!

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