Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes and an iconic part of our culture. For baseball fans, nothing says “it’s your birthday” like receiving a homemade baseball-themed card. Here are some fun and creative ideas for baseball birthday cards you can make yourself to celebrate a fan on their special day.

Baseball Card Birthday Card
Design your own baseball card for the birthday person using cardstock paper. Include stats like their name, position, batting average, home runs, etc. You can even include fake baseball card stats or inside jokes as their “stats.” Laminate the card or cover it with clear contact paper to make it look like a real baseball card. Punch a hole at the top and tie with a baseball themed ribbon.

Baseball Diamond Birthday Card
Use a large piece of cardstock and draw out the shape of a baseball diamond field. Include positions like pitcher’s mound, bases, outfield, etc. Write the birthday message in the center of the diamond. Add other details like baseballs, bats, fences with ribbons. This interactive card lets the recipient pretend they are on the field playing baseball on their birthday.


Baseball Ticket Birthday Card
Cut out the shape of a baseball ticket from cardstock. Include fields for the date, team names, section number. Write the birthday message in the “details” section. Punch holes on the sides and tie with string or ribbon to look like a real ticket they can use to get into the ballpark on their special day.

Baseball Scorebook Birthday Card
Cut cardstock into the shape of an open baseball scorebook. Include lines to write the inning-by-inning “score” of the birthday celebration. Write the greeting and well wishes in the top section where the team names would go. Add visual details like baseballs, bats, player silhouettes. This creative card encourages reminiscing over the birthday “game.”

Baseball Mitt Birthday Card
Trace the outline of a baseball glove or mitt onto cardstock and cut it out. Write the birthday message on the “pocket” of the mitt. Add stitching details with black marker or string. Punch holes on the sides near the “thumb” and tie with laces, string or ribbon. The recipient can pretend to catch birthday wishes in their mitt!


Baseball Cap Birthday Card
Cut a baseball cap shape out of cardstock. Write the greeting where the team name/logo would go. Glue or tape a popped-up baseball card with the recipient’s photo inside the cap. Add other visual details like stitching. Punch holes on the sides near the bill and tie with a baseball ribbon. They can wear this card on their birthday!

Baseball Uniform Birthday Card
Trace and cut out the basic shape of a baseball uniform from cardstock, including the numbers on the back. Write the greeting on the front of the “jersey.” Add visual details like stitching, buttons, team name on back. Punch holes near the “shoulder” and tie with a baseball ribbon. They can proudly wear this uniform on game day – their birthday!

Baseball Cake Birthday Card
Cut a basic baseball shape out of cardstock. Decorate it to look like a birthday cake with frosting swirls, sprinkles or candles. Write the greeting on top. Punch holes near the “laces” and tie with a baseball ribbon. They get to enjoy this sweet “birthday baseball” treat!


Baseball Field Flyover Birthday Card
Use a landscape orientation piece of cardstock. Draw sky, ground, fences to look like you’re doing a flyover view of a baseball stadium and field. Write the greeting in the outfield. Add players, fans and other details. Punch holes near the “foul lines” and tie with a baseball ribbon for a one-of-a-kind aerial birthday card.

As you can see, there are endless creative ways to design homemade baseball birthday cards that any fan is sure to love receiving on their special day. The options provide fun ways to showcase baseball themes and memories that will put a smile on their face when they open it. With some basic materials and a little imagination, you can knock it out of the park with these baseball birthday cards.

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