The 1992 Topps baseball card set is considered by many collectors to be one of the more valuable sets from the late 1980s and early 1990s. While the vast majority of cards from this set hold little monetary value, there are certainly some standout rookie and star player cards that can be worth a decent amount of money depending on the grade and condition of the individual card. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top 1992 Topps cards that tend to hold significant value:

Derek Jeter Rookie Card (#658) – Easily the most coveted and valuable card from the 1992 set is the Derek Jeter rookie. As one of the greatest shortstops and star players of his generation, there is high demand for Jeter’s rookie card. In pristine near-mint to mint condition (grades of 8-10), common estimates place the value of the Jeter rookie between $20,000-$50,000. Well-centered copies in excellent condition (grade of 7) still fetch thousands. Even poorly centered or lower graded copies still hold value in the $500+ range due to strong collector demand.


Frank Thomas (#329) – As one of the premier power hitters of the 1990s, Frank Thomas’ 1992 Topps card is a highly sought after piece for collectors. Mint condition copies in a PSA/BGS 10 grade have recently sold in the $5,000 range while excellent 7’s go for $1,000-2,000. This card remains quite valuable in lower end condition as well due to Thomas’ elite hall of fame caliber career.

Ken Griffey Jr. (#480) – Another elite star whose rookie cards from 1989 Upper Deck and 1990 Bowman are extremely valuable, Griffey Jr’s 2nd year card from 1992 Topps is also highly collectible. Pristine mint copies have sold for over $3,000 while excellent 7’s can command $800-1500 depending on the market. This card maintains strong overall demand and value.

Jim Abbott (#23) – A rare one-handed pitcher rookie card, Jim Abbott’s 1992 Topps is one of the set’s true oddball gems. His inspirational story coupled with his rarity as a one-handed hurler makes this a true key rookie card. Mint PSA 10 examples have brought over $2,000 at auction. Even mid-grade well-centered copies can sell for hundreds due to the card’s uniqueness.


Barry Bonds (#221) – One of the game’s all-time great sluggers, Bonds’ breakout 1990 and 1991 seasons translated to solid early career card value. Mint copies of his 2nd year 1992 Topps card have sold for around $1,000 while 7’s go for $300-500 range depending on eye appeal, centering and demand.

Roberto Alomar (#126) – A future hall of famer and one of the top second baseman of the era, Alomar’s talents as a player translate well to collector demand for his cards. Mint PSA/BGS 10 examples of his 1992 Topps have sold over $500 at auction. Excellent 7s are valued around the $150-250 range. Steady collector interest keeps this card moderately valuable.

Other potential valuable lesser-known cards include Ben McDonald (#283) and Chili Davis (#333) rookie cards, José Canseco (#247) and Darren Daulton (#491) key cards for star players that have seen renewed collector interest more recently.


In addition to individual star cards, complete set albums in pristine mint condition can potentially command $150-300+ depending on the market. But these are naturally much rarer to find intact and graded than individual high-value rookie/star player cards.

While the vast majority of 1992 Topps baseball cards hold little value on their own, there are certainly some stand-out rookie cards and early career images of future hall of fame players like Jeter, Griffey Jr., Thomas, and Bonds that can be worthwhile investments – especially in top pristine grades. With the renewed boom in the collectibles market in recent years, key cards from this fun early ’90s set make for attentive collecting targets if condition and centering are satisfactory. For discerning collectors, hidden gems remain buried throughout the set’s 660+ cards worth exploring.

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