Ty Cobb is considered one of the greatest players in baseball history and his legendary career and accomplishments have made his vintage baseball cards some of the most highly sought after and valuable in the hobby. Cobb played from 1905-1928 for the Detroit Tigers and still holds records for the highest career batting average at .366 as well as records for runs scored, hits, and stolen bases. His aggressive, gritty playing style made him one of the game’s first true superstars and fan favorites. Here is an in-depth look at some of the most notable and valuable Ty Cobb baseball cards that collectors search for.

1909-11 T206 White Border – The iconic “White Border” tobacco era cards are among the most valuable in the hobby. Cobb has multiple variations within the massive 524-card T206 set. His “portrait” version, which shows him facing forward looking serious and determined, regularly sells for over $100,000 in top-graded condition. Another variation with action photos of him batting and fielding can also fetch huge sums. The massive size, bright colors, and iconic designs of these early 20th century tobacco cards make them highly collectible.


1911-12 Hassan Triple Fold – Tobacco cards from this smaller 65-card set have gained attention in recent years. Cobb’s card shows him in a batting pose with an advertisement on the reverse. High graded examples in this condition sensitive set can sell for $15,000+. The unusual triple fold design and rarity of surviving high quality copies drive values.

1913 M101-8 Brown Background – Part of the popular 101-card M101 set produced by the American Caramel company. Cobb’s card uses a brown colored background and shows him in a typical aggressive batting stance. High graded versions can reach $8,000 due to the set’s iconic early 20th century design and Cobb’s immense popularity.

1914 Cracker Jack – This 36-card series inserted in Cracker Jack boxes is one of the most iconic vintage sets. Cobb’s card depicts him in a typical determined batting pose. Top-rated specimens with the iconic Cracker Jack back can sell for over $5,000. The set’s mass production led to plenty of surviving copies, but high grades are still quite valuable for collectors.

1914 Sporting News – A rare 12-card insert set produced by the famed Sporting News publication. Cobb’s card depicts him batting and is considered one of his toughest early issues to find in high grade due to the set’s extremely low print run. An SGC/PSA Gem Mint 10 copy could be worth $15,000+.


1916 M101-1 Sporting News – Part of the larger 101-card M101-1 set also issued by Sporting News. Cobb’s card has him posing with a bat. High graded copies remain quite valuable at over $3,000 due to the set’s early 20th century design and low surviving population.

1917-19 M101-4 W514 – Often referred to as the “blue background” version. This 101-card set produced by American Caramel and Piedmont is one of Cobb’s most iconic early issues. His card depicts him in an intense batting stance. Top-rated specimens can reach $5,000. The set’s classic design and Cobb’s greatness make this a highly collectible issue.

1933 Goudey – Highly regarded 86-card set that helped reinvigorate the baseball card market during the Great Depression. Cobb’s final career card shows him in a typical intense batting pose as a member of the Philadelphia Athletics. PSA/SGC Gem Mint 10 specimens have sold for over $15,000 due to the set’s iconic early 1930s design and Cobb’s legendary career coming to an end.


1948 Leaf – Considered one of Cobb’s toughest cards to acquire in high grade due to the fragile high-gloss backs that often show wear. His card depicts an action photo of him batting. PSA/BGS Mint 9 or Gem Mint 10 copies have reached $6,000 at auction.

1952 Topps – Generally regarded as one of the toughest Cobb issues to find in pristine condition due to the flimsy early Topps cardboard stock. His card uses an action photo of him batting. PSA/BGS Gem Mint 10 “black dot” varieties have sold for over $10,000.

In summary, Ty Cobb’s Hall of Fame career, iconic early photos, and popularity have made his vintage baseball cards among the most valuable in the hobby. While high-grade specimens from his early 20th century tobacco issues like T206 can sell for hundreds of thousands, there are still plenty of affordable mid-grade Cobb cards available that can please any budget. His legendary hitting prowess and aggressive playing style still captivate collectors over 100 years later.

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