The 2023 Topps Baseball card set released in late January 2023 with much anticipation from collectors looking to pull valuable rookie cards and chase cards of star players. With the rise of the sports card industry in recent years, Topps cards have become some of the most coveted and expensive hobby items. Let’s take a look at some of the early standouts from the 2023 Topps Baseball release that are already commanding big money on the secondary market.

Julio Rodríguez Rookie Card (Topps Chrome Refractor #154)

The biggest star from the 2022 rookie class was Mariners center fielder Julio Rodríguez. After winning the AL Rookie of the Year award, Rodríguez mania has taken over the baseball card world. His Topps Chrome Refractor rookie is the clear number one card from 2023 Topps so far. PSA 10 examples have already crossed the $1,000 price point with most selling in the $700-900 range. As Rodríguez continues his stellar career, this card is poised to be one of the most valuable modern rookie cards in the long run. The colorful and flashy Chrome design combined with Rodríguez’s budding superstardom make this a must-own for any collector.

Spencer Strider Rookie Card (Topps Chrome Refractor #223)

Another breakout rookie pitcher from 2022 was Braves flamethrower Spencer Strider. Despite only pitching around 150 innings last season, Strider made a huge impact with his electric fastball and strikeout stuff. His Topps Chrome Refractor rookie has taken off and looks to be the second most valuable card behind Julio’s. PSA 10 examples are selling in the $400-600 range already which is very high for a rookie card that is only a few months old. Strider has ace potential and with continued success, this card could rival the value of other top Braves rookie cards in the long run.


Bobby Witt Jr. Rookie Card (Topps Chrome Refractor #199)

The number one pick from the 2019 draft and ROY candidate in 2022, Bobby Witt Jr quickly became one of the faces of the next generation in baseball. While he didn’t quite live up to the massive hype in his first full season, Witt showed plenty of promise and 5 tool talent playing shortstop for the Royals. His Topps Chrome Refractor rookie from 2023 is the third most expensive card so far behind Julio and Strider. PSA 10 examples are selling around the $300-400 mark. As Witt develops into the perennial all-star caliber player he’s projected to become, this card will remain highly sought after in the years to come.

Two-Sport Stars: Shohei Ohtani & Bryce Harper Chrome Refractors

Two of the biggest stars in baseball today that transcend the sport are Angels’ Shohei Ohtani and Phillies’ Bryce Harper. As dual threat pitching/hitting superstars, they have captured the attention of both baseball and sports card collectors. Their Topps Chrome Refractor base cards from 2023 have taken off in the early going. PSA 10 Ohtani’s are selling around $150-200 while Harper’s are fetching $100-150. With Ohtani’s continued two-way dominance and Harper being in the MVP discussion yearly, these modern star cards hold incredible long term value and growth potential.


Mike Trout Base Card (#76)

You can’t have a discussion about the most expensive cards without mentioning the best player of this generation, Mike Trout. While he missed significant time in 2022 due to injury, Trout is still the face of baseball when healthy and on the field. His base card from 2023 Topps is already one of the set’s most popular chase cards. PSA 10 examples are selling in the $50-75 range which is very high for a base card in a modern release. As Trout continues shattering records and cementing his legacy as an all-time great, any Trout card, but especially his base card, will remain a cornerstone in any collection for decades to come.

Rookie Pitchers: George Kirby, Grayson Rodriguez & Hunter Greene

While the position player rookie class of 2023 may not have had a clear cut superstar, the pitching rookie class was loaded with future aces. Three rookies who stood out last season and have valuable rookie cards include Mariners’ George Kirby, Orioles’ Grayson Rodriguez, and Reds’ Hunter Greene. Their Topps Chrome Refractor rookies are all selling in the $75-150 range for PSA 10’s depending on the player. All three pitchers have electric stuff and ace potential. As they develop and potentially become frontline starters, these rookie cards could appreciate significantly like past stars. They represent solid long term prospects for patient collectors.


Vintage Parallels: Gold & Rainbow Foil Parallels

For collectors seeking a higher end vintage parallel card, two standouts so far include the Gold Foil parallels and especially the ultra rare Rainbow Foil parallels. Only 10 Rainbow Foil cards exist for each player and they feature vivid colors and textures. Early Gold Foil sales of stars like Trout, Ohtani and Harper have reached the $300-500 range depending on the player popularity. Meanwhile, the first Rainbow Foil to sell was a Bobby Witt Jr. which astonishingly sold for over $3,000 raw. As the scarcest parallels available, these premium vintage parallels hold incredible potential to gain value over the long run.

While it’s still very early, the 2023 Topps Baseball release is shaping up to have several rookie cards, stars and parallels that could end up being some of the most expensive and valuable modern cards in the years to come. As the young players develop their careers and demand increases for stars like Trout, Ohtani and Harper, prices are poised to rise substantially from current levels. For collectors with the patience and foresight to pick up top cards now, 2023 Topps offers opportunities to potentially acquire future six and even seven figure gems.

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